Shang Hi!!!

November 10, 2012

Hi family and friends, Hello from Shanghai! I’m doing this on my phone so hopefully the formatting is okay. I think my phone might be connected to a proxy server anyway so I have access to everything at the moment from the phone. I’m writing this from dinner and my mouth is tingling, basically numb. Sichuan peppers are soooo spicy! I got a bean curd dish and veggies, yummy.


Flight here was good, met a girl Emily, my age, from Massachusetts going home from the peace core in the Philippines. there was a ton of traffic from the airport in Shanghai and then I got a free upgrade at the hotel! so my room is on a high floor and big with a nice view and awesome bathroom. The floor had just been renovated! Also, amazing soaps and stuff. After I got here, I explored the hotel, had a nice workout at the gym which is also beautiful and now eating, pleasantly surprised with internet. all in all feeling awesome. Tomorrow i’m going to do sone awesome things that my friend Fran recommended. (thanks Fran!) One will be to go to the English corner in peoples park and talk to people who want to practice English! LOVE, Annie


2 Responses to “Shang Hi!!!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    the trip sounds awesome. What’s the weather like? Love you

  2. fran Sherman Says:

    I’m so jealous. Shanghai is amazing. You will love it. (get used to the traffic though. It is everywhere in china).

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