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Boston is Great!

March 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m settled back home and have been back for almost a week. The flights home were good, uneventful, which is good.

20130303_150745On the way from London to Boston I watched Argo and really enjoyed it. Today  it was Sunday, and I had a blog-worthy day so why not share.

I woke up early (still jet lagged) and after a bit, headed to lunch with some great friends. We went to Island Creek Oyster house, delicious. We had oysters, bloody marys, coffee, and for my main dish I had an egg white frittata – mmm.


After that, we went back to my friends roof deck to hang out because they weather was nice.They are on comm ave and have a really nice view of boston. After that, I walked around and found myself at the Boston Public Library. I was embarrassed that I had never been there before because it was so awesome.

I went in there originally because they had an exhibit on the sports stadiums of Boston, but stayed for a while longer wandering around in the beautiful building. They have a maps exhibit that shows old maps of Boston which was also so cool. After wandering around there, I went home to relax a bit and then went back out to have a birthday dinner with my parents and brother. What a happy day!

Love, Annie

Minuteman Bike Path

June 25, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to ride the Minuteman bike path.

It took me about a half hour to forty five minutes to get to the starting point of the path at Alewife station in Cambridge from my apartment in the South End. The path is easy to find.

Coming from Mass Ave, take a left on Rindge Ave. When you come to a busy intersection (you can see the Summer Shack) take a right and you’ll see the beginning of a path that allows you to avoid the busy road.

The minuteman is about 10 miles long and takes you from Alewife to Bedford. It goes through Arlington and Lexington Centres, which are fun places to get off the path and get a cup of coffee, ice cream, or a sandwich, etc. For a delicious, hearty sandwich, I’d recommend the Avenue Deli in Lexington.

The path is paved, generally smooth (there are a few bumps in the road but they are well marked) and basically flat. No motor vehicles are allowed on the path.  Drivers are very respectful and always yield to the bikers that are crossing the streets. Pedestrians, rollerbladers, and bikers seem to be more respectful of each other here than in other parts of the city. There are bike repair areas at different points on the path. Fortunately, none of my equipment needed fixing on the road.

All in All, it was a great experience.

Boston and NYC

June 18, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I’ve been back from Malaysia for a few weeks now and am enjoying Boston.

I’ve gotten my next assignment, and am excited to be going south next quarter — Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Panama.

This weekend I went to NYC with my family to see my sister. Here’s mom and me at a place called Eatily. Eatily is an area near the Flatiron building that has a lot of Italian food.

We went there for cocktails before our dinner. During the weekend, we also went to the Hester Street Fair which had lots of organic vegan gluten free items.

It was fantastic to see my sister, she’s so grown up and responsible. That’s all for now. The weather in Boston has been beautiful and it’s nice to be on my bicycle again.

Love, Annie

chocolate, dog walks, and tapas

March 4, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning, I got up nice and early and went to a tour of the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville, MA! It was pretty awesome and there are lots of chocolate samples. A few friends came, but most decided to sleep in. Silly. Here is a picture of our tour guide, with a beard-net, and with the roasting machine (the red one) and the shell-removal machine (the white one). Many of the machines they use are old machines refurbished or remodeled to be used in the factory. For example, the red machine was once to be a hazelnut roasting machine in Europe.

They use stones to grind the chocolate. The samples were delicious and my favorite was the nibs, pieces of the roasted beans. ainy than you’re probably used to.

This afternoon, I went with my brother to take Sophie, our dog, for a walk. She turns 15 years old on Thursday! What a sweet heart. This evening I had dinner with a good friend. It was nice to see him after many weeks away! We went to our go-to restaurant, Tapeo, a tapas place in the Back Bay between our apartments.

It’s so delicious and if you sit at the bar, the tapas are less expensive! We tried a new dish this time, lemon pasta with asparagus and pesto and of course got the usual, queso con miel (goat cheese with honey and onions), artichoke hearts, and duck with blackberry sauce.

Hope you are well.



December in Boston

December 4, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m home in Boston, and happy to be home after five weeks of traveling. After a great thanksgiving weekend, I’m back to my home routine. One of the things I like best about being home is hanging out with great family and great friends.

The other day, I took a walk with my brother and dog. Here they are in some woods near our parents house. Sophie is really old but still likes to prance around in the woods. I’ve also been eating awesome food. Today, I was lucky enough to go to the Patriots game with some friends!

I’ve never been to the patriots game before and it was awesome. It was Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts. I drank a bloody mary and it was a sunny and really pleasant day and surprisingly warm for December!

Here’s a picture of Gillette Stadium:

That’s really all. I got a haircut yesterday and it’s a lot shorter than it was.



Update from Boston, MA

September 17, 2011

Hi Family and Friends,

Here’s an update: Some very exciting news: I’ve just received my next survey assignment! On October 17th, I’ll be leaving for about five weeks on a trip to Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. More specifically, I’ll be traveling to

In Kazakhstan: Atyrau, Almaty, and Astana

In Russia: Novosibirsk and Moscow

In Ukraine: Kiev

I’m Pumped! I’m starting to learn the Cyrillic alphabet as a co worker told me it was important to be able to read the language, especially for work. I can now write my name and the names of my parents and siblings and dog. This will be the farthest east I have ever traveled (I’ve never been east of the Dead Sea), and it will also be the largest time change I have ever encountered.

On another note, since I’ve been home from my first survey trip, I’ve come to appreciate this city a great deal. As I’ve been writing about the food in all other places, I think I’ll talk about some of my favorite restaurants in Metro Boston.

1. For Greek food, I LOVE to go to Farm Grill Rotisserie, located in in Newton near the Needham border. They have fantastic vegetables– salads and sides, and they have this Avocado/Feta salad that’s kind of like a guacamole that’s just amazing. They also have great meat. Okay, in my opinion, everything about this place is great. If you go there, expect to spend 10-15 dollars for each person.

2. A new restaurant I’ve been to a few times recently is Dorado, in Brookline. It’s on Harvard Street, and has some ridiculous fish tacos. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve seen that I’ve become a pretty big fan of fish tacos, and Dorado has some of the best. They are pretty small though, so make sure to get enough.

That’s all for now. I’m about to go on a wine tour of the South End (neighborhood of Boston) with some girl friends.


Hello Boston!

September 1, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

After a month of travelling, I’m back in Boston! I am happy to be home at least for a couple months. I missed my bicycle and poland spring seltzer water, but not as much as my family and friends of course. While the entire month was awesome, here are the super-highlights I can think of at the moment:

1. Eating the seared tuna steak / provolone cheese / pickles / jalapeño mayo / toasty bread sandwich in Lake Charles. Definitely one of the top five tastiest things I’ve ever had.

2. Going to visit the Tabasco factory in Avery Island. Every time I see Tabasco, which is very often, I think, I’ve been to the factory! Super cool.

3. Anchorage. The whole place was unbelievable from the minute I stepped out of the airport and felt a cool breeze and saw mountains. I can’t wait to go back. Probably in the summer again.

4. Exploring Toronto by bike. If I do say so myself, that was a stellar idea.

Okay, it’s more difficult than expected to just write about some highlights. Another is seeing people I’ve missed and that’s still going on!

Good night everybody!


Smiley Sophie

July 7, 2011

First post, kind of a test post. This is my dog Sophie. She’s fourteen years old and still so smiley! She’s so awesome.