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Boston is Great!

March 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m settled back home and have been back for almost a week. The flights home were good, uneventful, which is good.

20130303_150745On the way from London to Boston I watched Argo and really enjoyed it. Today  it was Sunday, and I had a blog-worthy day so why not share.

I woke up early (still jet lagged) and after a bit, headed to lunch with some great friends. We went to Island Creek Oyster house, delicious. We had oysters, bloody marys, coffee, and for my main dish I had an egg white frittata – mmm.


After that, we went back to my friends roof deck to hang out because they weather was nice.They are on comm ave and have a really nice view of boston. After that, I walked around and found myself at the Boston Public Library. I was embarrassed that I had never been there before because it was so awesome.

I went in there originally because they had an exhibit on the sports stadiums of Boston, but stayed for a while longer wandering around in the beautiful building. They have a maps exhibit that shows old maps of Boston which was also so cool. After wandering around there, I went home to relax a bit and then went back out to have a birthday dinner with my parents and brother. What a happy day!

Love, Annie