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Adios Venezuela!

December 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. Today was another productive day in Caracas. Not too much to report, it was a normal survey day. A better than normal survey day! Things went smoothly. WP_20151203_10_16_37_ProMiguel and I started early this morning (in a different car, of course) and went to a bunch of markets, restaurants, malls, and, auto service centers. I saw this very busty mannequin! Miguel and I had an awesome lunch together, and then I had a meeting during which I gained another perspective on living in Venezuela. Then worked more at the hotel, went to the gym, and ate dinner.

Tomorrow I’m going home! Thanks for reading 🙂

Love, Annie


Working day in Venezuela

December 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was an interesting and very productive day in Caracas. It’s a difficult situation here for everyone, especially local people. WP_20151202_10_57_21_ProPrices are rising and a lot of things, especially imported goods, are now more than ever too expensive for many people to buy. I knew but did not really understand, that many goods that we use everyday are just not available here! WP_20151202_12_39_30_ProThe whole day I was not able to find things like shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper, soap, tampons, or pads. I have no idea what then women do. Ironically, at one of the stores in the mall there was an entire aisle of hangers for the shower. I hear the phrase “no hay” quite often…there aren’t any.

At the first market, there was a large line. I got in it, but soon realized it was the line to buy milk. WP_20151202_12_20_57_ProAt the same market, I saw a little fight over rice, which is generally unavailable. There was however, a lot of of honey and soy milk. at the next market, there was a line around the corner for diapers.

Miguel and I went to a few more markets which sold very expensive imported goods. WP_20151202_13_03_28_ProChicken and beef are difficult to find. At the tire store, there aren’t any tires! During the middle of the day I worked at Sambil, an enormous mall. There were a lot of empty shelves. And no soap in the bathrooms! This is an issue because hand washing is an important thing to do.

WP_20151202_16_04_46_ProAfter Sambil mall, the car broke down on an exit ramp. Miguel’s friend Carlo came with a battery. They jump started the car and I surveyed the rest of the day with Carlo while Miguel went to see about his car. I hope the issue is not serious and that he doesn’t need a new battery. To get a new car battery, there’s a two day long line.

After work I worked out at the hotel and had dinner. I’m exhausted and there’s another long day tomorrow!

Love, Annie

Back to South America!

December 1, 2015

Hi Family and Friends,

Hope all is well and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. Hola from Caracas, Venezuela! I left my apartment this morning at 3:10am and can’t believe it’s still the same day. The flights here were easy. I started an awesome book, All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and nodded off a little on the planes. WP_20151201_15_22_01_ProOn the way to Miami, the woman behind me kept touching my hair and side trying to get me to … chat? Not in English. Not in Spanish. It was a little weird. The woman next to her kept telling her to stop bothering me, but she didn’t.

I met our contact Miguel here in Caracas at the airport and he took me to the hotel. After lunch I did some work and then went to the gym. WP_20151121_15_52_18_ProThen I ate dinner. So far, things have been really smooth and hopefully tomorrow I’ll  have the same luck. However, the food so far has been pretty terrible. I’m definitely still a little spoiled from the food in Argentina.

Speaking of Argentina, my last day in Buenos Aires was great. WP_20151121_18_15_51_ProI worked and then went to La Boca area for a late lunch (chorizo and salad), and then walked around Puerto Madero and the downtown area. I ate some gelato half maracuja and half marzipan with red fruits. mmmmm. I went to my favorite wine bar to drink wine and taste cheese one more time before heading to the airport. In the taxi to the way to the airport, I had a discussion with the driver about Pink Floyd. All in Spanish! Cool!!

Love, Annie