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Más Argentina!

November 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This was certainly a short and sweet trip. I fly home tomorrow night and arrive in Boston Sunday afternoon. Back to the office on Monday. The following week I have an even shorter trip to Caracas so stay tuned :). Yesterday I worked all day and it rained SO HARD. WP_20151120_19_29_05_ProI spent the morning in a breakfast coffee shop. The hotel provides breakfast vouchers that work at different cafes all within three blocks of the hotel. This one is across the street from my hotel and they have a great yogurt, fruit, and granola plate. After two days of bready breakfasts at a different, yet highly recommended coffee shop that didn’t offer fruits with the voucher breakfast, I needed something fresh.

WP_20151120_18_40_17_ProTurns out, the guy who works at the yogurt and fruit coffee shop went to Colby College-seems pretty far to go for an Argentino! He is a little bit older and did not know my brother. I guess that explains the hip hop brunch-time playlist?

After working in the shop for a while, I went back to my room and made some phone calls, which was super frustrating. WP_20151119_14_08_03_ProI went to lunch at a little empanada restaurant and ate an empanada, salad, and a glass of wine. Wine because I was that frustrated with the phone calls, and because drinking helps my Spanish, and in turn, with the phone calls. It worked. At lunch I started a new book — I finished a book called The Point of Vanishing by Howard Axelrod and now I’m reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. The two books are extremely different but I feel a connection with both.

In the evening, I went first to a nearby wine bar and then to Las Pizzaras restaurant to meet a friend, Kyra, who I had not seen in 12 years (!!) WP_20151120_00_49_28_ProKyra and I were roommates at a semester-school called CITYterm as juniors in high school. During this semester, New York City was our classroom. I’ve been “reading buildings” and considering the spaces in the 100+ cities I’ve visited on this job as we learned to do there. WP_20151120_00_51_58_Pro (1)It’s a great program, please let me know if you want to know more about it. Kyra is from Texas but lives here! It was SO nice to catch up. We had a decadent meal–Pizzaras is a trendy bistro in an industrialish room with high ceilings and dishes that change all the time depending on what’s fresh. They have chalkboards rather than menus as you can see. WP_20151120_17_12_02_ProWe also had two bottles of wine and an awesome time.

So this whole day I felt totally hung over until the late afternoon. But between bouts of nausea I was able to do a lot of work and then go on an awesome, exhausting walk down to Recoleta Cemetery, where a lot of people are buried, including Eva Perón. WP_20151120_17_34_05_ProAfter the cemetery I walked around Recoleta neighborhood, which is really beautiful, fancy, and fast paced, kind of reminds me of uptown Manhattan. Palermo, where i’m staying, reminds me of Boston’s South End. Buenos Aires is enormous and really interesting and I am just realizing this because I had not had time to explore yet on a long walk. I walked back to Palermo and ate at a little tapas place and sat outside. WP_20151120_18_21_53_ProA woman sitting inside told me to hook my bag over my arm, not just smush it to the side. I didn’t think it was going to be snatched since it was between me and the window, but I followed her directions. She might have thought I was an idiot, and I might have thought she was old and crabby.

I was going to go out tonight but I’m so beat. Tomorrow I’ll finish work and then I have no idea yet what I’m going to do! Maybe see the colorful buildings in Boca neighborhood. Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Love, Annie


Working in Buenos Aires

November 18, 2015

Hi Family and Friends,

The past few days have been solid and productive working days in Buenos Aires. The city feels very vibrant. WP_20151118_21_57_40_ProI had some meetings during which I learned a lot about the economy here and the housing markets, and spent a lot of time in the supermarkets and malls. Normal survey days, nothing too crazy to report. Pictured is some chorizo from tonight’s extremely indulgent dinner at La Choza restaurant in Palermo. Hope all is well!

Love, Annie

Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires

November 16, 2015

Hola Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. WP_20151116_15_02_39_ProThis is the first night of a week-long trip in Buenos Aires! It’s been a while since I slept properly so please excuse the brevity.

The flight was great. I had an excellent Cobb salad for dinner in New York-JFK before the 10 hour flight to Buenos Aires. On the plane I didn’t sleep well. The guy in front of me had the full three seats to himself. I’ve had that before. This time I did not get so lucky but that was okay. I didn’t watch any movies, I just read and zoned out. I had forgotten how dry airplanes are.

The line at immigration was long. WP_20151116_15_58_15_ProThe taxi to the hotel was also long. And it’s nice and warm here! The woman at the taxi stand seemed to like something that smelled near me and asked me what was the name of the perfume I was wearing. I made my first Spanish joke of the trip–told her it was cafe cortado. Hahahaha. I wasn’t wearing any, but was drinking a coffee.

I settled at the hotel and took a much needed shower. The hotel is great. Then took a walk around Palermo neighborhood. WP_20151116_15_49_03_ProI ate milanesa for lunch. Milanesa is meat, pounded and then fried. I remembered the alfajores, steak, and wine, but I forgot about milanesa sandwiches. Oh man. They are great. I have to watch it because last time I was in Argentina I gained 20 lbs. WP_20151116_15_59_48_ProThat was over three months AND it was 9 years ago, but still. I don’t remember the city of Buenos Aires at all.

I continued my walk and got an espresso and kept walking. I went into some stores but had to be buzzed in. I asked about this situation and apparently there are a lot of robberies. I went back to the hotel to work a bit, and then went on another walk. WP_20151116_19_08_57_ProI had a wine and cheese tasting which was fine for dinner. Then walked more and more to observe nighttime in Palermo. I had another drink outside at a different bar in a crowded spot. Lots of people out for a Monday night, more than expected broken sidewalks, lots of people buying fruit at small fruit stores, some election signs but almost all in support of Macri, fancy apartment buildings with bare lobbies, metal bars over most stores, and tons of restaurants with outdoor seating.

Tomorrow will be a full day of work!

Love, Annie