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Working in Iceland

April 30, 2015

Hi Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. WP_20150430_14_25_54_ProIt’s 11 pm and just getting kind of dark – pretty weird to my internal clock. Today I just worked. I had a nice lunch at a fish grill restaurant. I drank so much coffee throughout the day partly because my work involved taking people out for coffee. And now I have crashed. WP_20150430_14_23_36_ProMy hotel, while nice, isn’t in walking distance to the main area with all the cool stuff and I’m too tired to bother with going out tonight. Maybe tomorrow nigh I will experience Reykjavik’s famous nightlife. I am excited for tomorrow. It’s a national holiday and I plan to wake up early, pick up my rental car, and drive to some awesome places outside of Reykjavik.

Love, Annie

Halló Reykjavík

April 29, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was a very long but awesome day. I woke up at 7:00 AM on tuesday so  I haven’t slept for almost 36 hours. But it’s been an awesome day. I left work late on Tuesday night and went straight to the airport. Check-in and security were easy with minimal lines, and then I had a drink and light dinner at the wine bar place at terminal E. WP_20150429_05_43_22_Pro

I was surprised that my seat on the airplane was especially good – for some reason I’ve been booked in Economy Comfort class on all my the Iceland Air flights. They had a divider in the middle seat and provided complimentary headphones and snacks. No one was sitting in that row anyway. The flight was short – I watched Bradley Cooper in Limitless and then some episodes of Louis CK, then some promotional videos on Iceland and all of its wonders, then looked out the window.

Arrival in Reykjavik was also easy. The airport was very clean and there weren’t lines for anything. I took the bus to the hotel because I felt like it, and the bus was much less expensive than a taxi would have been. The hotel gave me a bad room at first and I went back downstairs and told them I would wait for a better room. I was really early anyway. Of course, they had a better room in the same paygrade when I came back from a small adventure. That happens all the time. You just have to ask.

For the morning adventure, I took the public bus down to one of the main streets for walking and restaurants. WP_20150429_10_06_14_ProI walked up to the famous church and took the elevator up to the top, where I saw that view in the first picture, and then had lunch at the well known Loki cafe near the church to try Icelandic food. There is mashed fish on brown bread (the yellow thing, my favorite. It was like egg salad but with potatoes and fish. mmm), smoked lamb on flat bread (not horrible), Smoked trout with cottage cheese on brown bread. The two things in the center were pretty weird. The top one is dried fish, which you break off into pieces and eat with butter, and then the infamous fermented shark, which is just as bad as you’ve heard. I was told to chew it to get the flavor out. The flavor feels like less of a flavor and feels more like a bad chemical reaction seeping up from your throat through your nose. It honestly tastes like a chemical you shouldn’t be eating. People here don’t eat it all the time, they just eat it on celebratory occasions once or twice a year.

WP_20150429_11_48_07_ProAfter my brunch I walked around the town more. It’s dangerous because there are so many cool winter gear shops in brands I’ve never seen. After that I passed the Reykjavik Phallogical Museum – yes, you read that correctly.I had no idea what it was going to be like. They had examples from many many different animals, in particular a bunch of whales. I usually get super jazzed about this kind of thing, but to be honest I found the museum really cringeworthy. It wasn’t anything specific, it was weird that the whole thing exists. They have hilarious T shirts that say “this museum is not for pussies” and things of that nature.

After the museum I took the bus back to the hotel and unpacked and made some calls to confirm meetings for tomorrow. I then headed out to the famous Blue Lagoon, which was more awesome than I expected. It’s a tourist attraction… done exactly right. I spent over two hours bathing. WP_20150429_18_03_18_ProThey give you these bracelets with a chip on them that allows you to not only lock your locker but also to charge things. They serve drinks (beers, wines, smoothies, green juice, etc.) at the bar the he lagoon. You can charge food and extra drinks right on the bracelet, and pay at the end. It was so organized and they have a high volume of people, but it didn’t feel that way. The whole focus was realaxation and skincare and I came out feeling awesome. There aren’t many places that i feel i Absolutely must go back to, but this is one of them. I hope to go back with a partneer someday.

After the blue lagoon, I had dinner at the hotel bar and tried Einstok white ale beer, which was awesome. WP_20150429_19_42_41_ProDinner was also good, smoked salmon on more brown bread. I used my computer at the bar. I wanted to go out but didn’t haev the energy. I really need some sleep! It’s a little weird because it’s 10:30 and still light out. I’m excited to work tomorrow.

Love, Annie