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Sunday: Ueno and Asakusa

November 13, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was another big day. I woke early and walked to the Tokyo Tower area. There was a waiting list at the breakfast in my hotel so I ate rice crackers and bottled tea and espresso latte from Lawson’s to have something before a great option happened.

wp_20161113_08_52_33_proI visited a temple and then the Princess Park Tower hotel for work. I pretended to have work on the 33rd floor in order to go up to the sky bar and get a view. As you can see, worth it! After that, took the metro to Ueno. I walked around Ameyoko street, a market for cheap things and seems like a slightly shady area, and then around Ueno park. The park is huge. I ate some more gooey octopus pancake balls and tried some local foods from this Sunday event including a rice ball covered in sweet sesame paste.

wp_20161113_13_06_39_proUeno Park is home to the Tokyo National Museum so I visited that and saw among other things a special exhibit on Zen Buddhism. My museum stamina was low. It was crowded and it’s a lot to take in when already the entire city is like a museum where I’m constantly learning new things. Also, it’s hard to pronounce the names of the artists and subjects so it was hard to stay focused. But still I was there for a few hours and saw approximately 25,000 scrolls.

wp_20161113_14_11_24_proThen I walked to Asakusa, the next neighborhood over. The walk was through more local residential areas, which was great. Asakusa is fantastic. First I visited a tiny Isakaya bar and drank sake, did some transcribing work, and had small dishes including fried tofu with fermented bean stuff on top served with hot mustard. Then kept walking around through the kitchen-supplies sector, then towards the Sensoji temple.


I had some matcha gelato from a multi-vendor complex that reminded me of Boston Public Market (so it was a little pricey not low-key, but awesome) and wandered around more. Asakusa is kind of far away, about 9 stops on the subway from my hotel’s stop, but without a transfer. I’d really like to go back there for some tempura over the next few days! It’s a really cool neighborhood with all sorts of low-key bars and shops.

It’s a full work day tomorrow and I begin with a meeting at 10:00am. I will try to go super early in order to avoid the rush hour metro traffic and find breakfast near the meeting. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Love, Annie