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побачення Київ

October 25, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are doing well! That means, “bye, Kiev” in Ukrainian. Good thing for google translate. 20131025_152625Today was awesome. I woke up and finished my work. It was raining all morning but then it got sunny out just as I began my half day of tourism. When that happened I realized I have not seen the sun since I left Boston! It’s been a cloudy week! I took the subway, which is of course, way better than the T, to the old district, Podol, in search of the choral synagogue.


It felt really nice to walk around this part of Kiev because it’s not everyday you get to explore the city near where your great grandfather is from!

It’s a lot quieter in the Podol district than it is downtown. After the synagogue, I walked around Podol for a bit more. I watched some doggies in a park play fighting over some space in a hole that they had dug.

20131025_135044Their owners were right near by. It was a very pleasant afternoon to be in the park.

After having my fill of wandering, I took the little rail back up to downtown (Kiev is on a serious hill), I went to eat at a Crimean food restaurant. I had Manti and salad and baklava.

I believe I ate turkish food but it’s all in the same area. Just a preview of what’s to come! The manti served were the big kind of manti I tasted first in Kazakhstan. They were delicious but I prefer the small kind. At the restaurant, There was this group of people sitting next to me speaking in the Weirdest language! Maybe they were from one of the places I am going to next. Turns out, nope, they were speaking Swiss German!


Yesterday was pretty boring. I woke up early and ate breakfast before the crowd. I was very stressed about having three back-to-back meetings. All in all, they went okay. I was on time for all of them, which is more than can be said for the others.


Between the meetings, I had a cup of corn, which is a common street food here, and some coffee. The other things I ate yesterday were Pizza and Chicken Kyiv. Not the healthiest day.

I made up for it today though with many fruits and vegetables. Just green tea and some toast for dinner because I had a late lunch and If I eat again for a late dinner I’ll never get to sleep. That happened yesterday. It’s important to get to sleep soon because I have to get up very early for a 6:40 AM flight. See you from Romania!

Love, Annie