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Working Monday in Paraguay

July 28, 2014

Hi Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a good Monday. Today I  just worked. I was able to walk to all of the places I needed to go – I walked in a big loop that lead back to my hotel. It was an extremely productive day. I like that Asuncion is walkable. I ate dinner in my hotel again because i’m still tired and by the time I was finished with work, it was after 7 pm.

Love, Annie


Hola Asunción

July 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello again. Hope you are having a nice summer!! This will be my thirteenth survey! After Asuncion, I will be traveling to six cities in Brazil. I wasn’t too excited about going on another long trip and am getting very tired of being away all the time, but i’m excited for another adventure now that I’m here. The internet isn’t that fast in my room, so only one picture would load (sorry!!)

20140727_114632I flew through Miami and of course American Airlines put us on a not-sure-if broken plane so we were delayed an hour and a half sitting on the plane before taking off. I sat next to a grandmother from Montevideo who was visiting her children and grandchildren in Boston. The kids were there too, heading to Uruguay for a few weeks to be with their grandparents. I helped translate some of the announcements for the woman and practiced Spanish. She’s on level 360-something on Candy Crush. For those who don’t play, that’s pretty impressive and also a little weird.

I arrived in Paraguay and didn’t want to be troubled with Jet Lag so even though I didn’t sleep that much on the plane down from Miami to Asuncion. I arrived at the hotel at 830 and stayed up despite my cravings for a nap. The hotel had my room ready and the hotel itself is much nicer than I had expected. It’s a really beautiful boutique hotel! I ate some breakfast and then went to the old part of town. By the way, Asuncion and Boston are in the same time zone.

Today was unseasonably cold here in Asuncion – people were complaining, but it was extremely comfortable at around 50-60 degrees F. A taxi dropped me off at the Porto because I thought that would be a good starting point for exploring. It certainly was… tons of people hang out down near the port on the Paraguay River on Sundays. I saw a lady renting bikes and she needed my documents (a license or a passport) for me to rent her bike. I asked if there was another possibility because I didn’t want to give her my license and she said no. No thanks.

I saw another bike rental area and walked up to the guys running it and told them i wanted to rent one, but i didn’t have any documents to give them. They said no problem we’ll just take your phone number, and it cost me just 3 dollars for the hour. They even let me pay after I was finished because I didn’t know how long I wanted to bike. I did some nice exploring down a road that was very bare except for runners, walkers, and bikers. There were nice views of the city. I didn’t go too fast though, because the bike wasn’t in great repair and I was prepared for the wheels to pop out or something else bad to happen any minute.

After that I walked around downtown for a while and then found a cool cafe where I could sit outside and drink coffee. For lunch, I had some Sopa Paraguaya (not soup, but cheese cornbread). I watched the final leg of the Tour de France on tvs that were outside.

After that, I went back to the hotel, checked out the pool and fitness centee (both small, but charming) and sat and read a new book fora while. It’s called The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman. I’ve read 122 pages now and am over halfway done. It’s slightly upsetting, i guess. I can’t give a review until I’m done but I certainly look forward to discussing it with my friends who have read it and also with my mom.

After the sun left the patio where I was reading, I had a mini work out and then relaxedin my room. For dinner I ate at the hotel restaurant, and they brought me fish with vegetables. It was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to eat. Even though it’s earlier than nine, I’m going to head to bed soon. I’m exhausted.

Love, Annie