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Working Week in Hong Kong

January 26, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s Thursday night, almost finished with the week. It’s been fantastic getting to know everyone in our Hong Kong office and learning about the Chinese New Year traditions. I’m starting to feel very comfortable here, of course will be leaving soon. The city (and the neighborhood I’m staying in) is so international, people assume I live here. During the working hours I’ve been conducting interviews for Hong Kong based travelers and it’s been going great.


Monday I had a Sichuan style lunch with my colleagues nice and spicy after work I visited a cocktail bar around my apartment and had a cocktail with gin in a little bathtub. And that will be it for Hong Kong cocktail culture. Then I ate dinner at a Korean fusion place which was OK and fell asleep early.


Tuesday for lunch I had dim sum with our small team and I tried chicken feet. Good to try as they are very popular here. You eat them by sucking off all the skin and the bit of meat for each piece, and putting the bone aside. Eh. After work I went to eat beef brisket noodle soup at a place called Kau Kee there is a line but it moves quickly. Worth it.


Then I walked through Central area and took the metro to Kowloon to visit the Temple St Market (the websites say to go, but not worth it) and then met up with my colleague for a second bowl of noodle soup. Shrimp wanton noodle soup this time. She was showing me how to put vinegar on my noodles but accidentally gave me a big dose of Chili oil. which was okay because I like spicy. Ha!


Wednesday for lunch we had an even bigger team lunch for different kind of Dim Sum. After work I visited the Victoria Park flower market and Lunar New Year Fair around Causeway Bay and Tin Hau stations. It was bonkers, and an interesting array of smells one after the other from stinky tofu to daffodils. That’s “nipplefruit” in the picture above.


It was so crowded that I was nervous. Then I walked back towards the hotel past the Wan Chai area where I had more wanton noodle soup for dinner. I kept walking and bumped into a different colleague! What are the odds. Then I walked home along the pier. I stopped needing a map.


Today for lunch I had fish balls noodle soup with a colleague, and went out to dinner with the other survey team manager based here and his wife. They took me to a traditional tea house restaurant with a great atmosphere and we ate Cantonese food which is fairly bland but good with lots of vegetables, and then to an old school dessert place.


SO cool. Then I got foot reflexology and will head to bed. Hope you’ve had a great week!

Love, Annie

Hi Hong Kong

January 22, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday not to survey but to work out of the company’s Hong Kong office. It’s very exciting. The flight was direct and surprisingly easy. I sat next to a Vietnamese couple with an 8 months old baby Alice that threw up on me a little bit before we took off, but was a good sport otherwise. She didn’t cry at all and seemed to like me. I got to hold her a little. I was in a window seat in the front row of the section and even slept!. I didn’t watch any movies. Instead I read a bit and watched most of the first season of HBO’s “Ballers” which has been showing up on all the airline media sections this winter and is pretty entertaining.


Yesterday was about agressively trying to beat jet lag and enjoying a new place. It involved walking around the piers area, dim sum brunch, and a walk up to the Peak and through the botanical gardens. I started tripping over my own toes, something that happens from time to time to indicate exhaustion even if I think everything is okay. After that I checked into the hotel and took a shower and a little nap and an alarm for 7 so I could have dinner and not be really screwed with waking up at 3am. It was a struggle to get up. But then I had a great cocktail with blueberry jam in it at a creative cocktail bar and then more dim sum. Then I did foot reflexology and believe I also fell asleep during that.


Today I took the metro, which is great, and did the Dragon’s Back hike on the other side of Hong Kong island, then went to Din Tai Fung for lunch but got spicy wontons instead of the traditional xiao long bao. Then a little shopping around Causeway Bay area. For dinner visited a cosy French wine bar called La Cabane and had white wine and a fish dish with leeks. LOVE leeks. The guys at La Cabane were really cool and the music was also cool. They were playing a spotify playlist of summer hits from the early 2000s so maybe I’ll go back later this week. The music last night at the cocktail bar was also cool, more clubby. Trance songs I knew but different mixes. Those are always so great to hear.


After dinner this evening I got a manicure. All ready for work tomorrow! I’m learning a lot about this major port city. I understand why my dad said it was a place he’d really like to visit, it’s very water and boats-oriented. Maybe my parents canwill sail here! Hope you have a great week.

Love, Annie

Adios Asia!

December 1, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. I’m nearly packed up and ready to head out tomorrow! It’s going to be a long flight but I’m ready. Today I took the ferry to Hong Kong island, and did more wandering.


I was going to go to the Victoria peak Peak but there was a big line and it was pretty cloudy so I didn’t.

After walking and wandering more, I ate a delicious lunch at a small Korean restaurant. Then I got an acupressure massage, a cupping treatment (those suction cups on your back), and a foot massage all for about 60 dollars. Not bad! I noticed as soon as the woman touched my back that it was pretty nice to be touched by another human, something I haven’t experienced in a month aside from some handshakes. I spent a while at the massage place, then walked around more, and had Chinese for dinner. Before dinner I met a nice couple because they invited me to their table for drinks!

This has been a wonderful trip! Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a nice weekend. I’ll update you in the future where I’ll be going next.

Love, Annie

Hola Hong Kong!

November 30, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing great! I made it to Hong Kong! This morning, I got up and took a taxi to the Futian border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


In this first picture, I am on the moving walkway looking back at Shenzhen. I do not think I was supposed to take this picture. The border crossing was pretty uneventful, except that there was a lot of waiting in Line. I know people go on day trips between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but what a pain in the butt.

After immigration and customs in China, there is that bridge, and then you go straight to immigration and customs in Hong Kong. It felt a little weird doing that without a plane ride in between! Then I took the Hong Kong metro into the city to my hotel and it was very easy.


On the metro, I helped a girl work on her project she was building a mock business Web site in English for a computer class. I helped correct her grammar.

When I got to the hotel, I checked in and dropped my bags off at the room. It is the tiniest little room! I can’t believe how expensive it is. With the bathroom included, it’s smaller than my bedroom in my apartment in Boston. It’s clean though, and everything works well. It’s just not somewhere I’d like to Hang out. Okay also I realize I’ve been a little (okay Very) spoiled with hotel rooms on this survey! Back to reality here.

20121130_183843I went to walk around, and almost immediately it started to rain. I went and got some tea (you can see the tea stand in the second picture), and then went shopping and walked around the Gateway mall area all afternoon. There were some views of the harbor but was rainy and cloudy.

After a few hours in the mall, it was still raining. I went and dropped my bags off and then went to get dinner. I had half my meal at a Japanese restaurant, and the other half at a Chinese restaurant. Why not. After dinner I kept walking. It was not really raining anymore. Many of the stores are open until 11, so I wandered, and browsed. Now, I’m back at the hotel excited to watch some TV shows Last Resort and Glee!

Hopefully tomorrow it will not rain. I’d like to do outdoor touristy things.

Love, Annie

Hello Hong Kong!

April 23, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well! It’s the start of a new adventure and I’m very excited. I’ve just arrived in Hong Kong safely. I won’t be working here and will be staying only one night. Tomorrow, I’m off to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Here is a picture of the pool area at the hotel in Hong Kong. It’s sweet! I managed to get here with a free airport shuttle!

This quarter I’m assigned to Brunei and Malaysia, and won’t be back until June because there are a lot of cities on the agenda! In Brunei, I’ll be going to Bandar Seri Begawan and then Kuala Belait, and in Malaysia, Miri, Bintulu, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and lastly Lumut.

These locations are pretty close to one another, Four cities on Borneo’s northern coast and then three on the Peninsula. This means I’ll be able to taxi around instead of flying from city to city. This is absolutely Awesome because it’s much less stressful to car than to airplane.

Here’s my first Asian dinner. It’s Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) and looks like some chicken and beef satays. This one was less spicy than the Nasi Goreng they serve at Meyers and Chang in Boston’s south end but that sauce is spicy peanut sauce.

Another cool thing about this trip is that I expect the food in Malaysia to be Awesome and healthy (and new!). Hopefully this is correct and I don’t get sick. I’ve yet to get sick on a survey knock on wood.

After  a long (over 15 hours) flight it was extremely nice to shower and drink wine. And of course, to be in a completely new region of the world.

Time to get some much needed sleep. See you from Brunei!