Czech this out!

January 7, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was great and I’m so happy about the decision to visit Prague.

wp_20170106_10_25_12_proIn the morning I took the tram from the hotel past Prague Castle and walked down the large hill past the castle, over the famous Charles Bridge, and through the Jewish Quarter and Old Town. As I walked I drank more gluhwein (mulled wine) which is sold all over the place and stopped in stores along the way because it was so freezing. Prague is extremely beautiful!

wp_20170106_11_34_41_proEverywhere you turn there are buildings with details on them. I had lunch in the Old Town, traditional Goulash and beer. Also, being in the Czech Republic allows for great puns. I ask for the bill at restaurants because I couldn’t ask for the Czech with a straight face. In the afternoon I took the Metro and a bus to the Airport for my flight to Brussels. All very easy. Seems like Prague is very user-friendly, easy to get around and currently pretty inexpensive as well.

wp_20170106_11_29_36_proNow I’m in Brussels, visiting one of my best friends from college! He’s lived here for almost three years but we missed each other when I came here for work last June. We stayed in last night and chilled but will go out tonight. I’m really excited to drink Gueuze, which is kind of like a sour beer!

wp_20170107_10_58_44_proI’m sitting at a real kitchen table writing this blog, which is fantastic. My friend is still sleeping so now I’m going to go out for a walk and get some coffee! Tomorrow I’ll wake up to take an early train to the airport and head home. This has been an incredible vacation and I’m also excited to see you (family and friends 🙂 and go back to work on Monday.

Love, Annie

One Response to “Czech this out!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    have so enjoyed reading about your vacation– I love you and can’t wait to see you and hear more about the trip!

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