January 4, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are doing well!! The past two days have been really fun and unexpectedly social!

Yesterday I took the train from Warsaw to Krakow. Took about 3 hours, and was a nice train. I read and dozed off. We passed a lot of trees and farmland. The hotel here in Krakow is nice and the location is fantastic.

wp_20170103_15_16_43_proAfter unpacking, I walked up to Wawel castle area to get some views and that was freezing, windy, and snowy. Then walked around the market square area and drank mulled wine, had some snacks, and went back to my hotel. Then went out to dinner at an iconic and historic restaurant with the guy I met on the train from the airport in Warsaw and his friend from business school. It was a great time!! After dinner we went to a vodka bar and tasted 12 vodkas and shared stories. I’m happy to have these new friends!


This morning I took a walking tour of Jewish Krakow and learned all about the Ghetto in Krakow and what happened here during ww2, about Oskar Schindler and his factory, and about Jews and Judaism in Krakow and Poland throughout history and today. The guide, “Golden,” was fantastic. The tour company was “Free Walking Tours.” I’d recommend them for sure. I almost quit the tour after an hour because it was so cold, but am so happy to have stuck with it.


Then I went to a hair salon to get a hair wash and dry 🙂 it was time. Very good quality and Poland is inexpensive for me, so the whole thing with a good tip cost $15! Then for an excellent lunch at a Polish restaurant. I got more hot wine and cabbage rolls kind of like the ones my Bubbie made 🙂 The tastes from Polish food are very similar to the ones we have at Jewish family events. I really love it!

wp_20170104_11_39_14_proI walked around the rest of the afternoon and then met up with a friend of my colleague’s for drinks, dinner at another great, traditional restaurant, and then more drinks! He’s from Poland but lives in Boston so I’m very excited to have another friend in Boston 🙂 I laughed a ton tonight, and deeply, which is pretty rare when I’m on the road (rare enough that I immediately take note when it happens) so that was really special.

wp_20170103_15_57_16_proTomorrow is a big day. I’m heading to a tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau, then to Katowice, where I’ll catch the train through Ostrava, Czech Republic, and finally to Prague for the night.

Love, Annie

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