Working Days in Tokyo: Rush Hour and Afterwards

November 15, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

The past two days have been great. I’ve just come from dinner of dumplings, radish salad, and sake.

wp_20161115_21_25_41_proYesterday I had the first experience with the metro at rush hour. It’s certainly crowded. At the entrance to some stations, the current of people is so strong it’s hard to get through. While the metro systems are pretty straightforward, addresses in Tokyo are not. Building addresses aren’t by number on street name, they are by section of block, which is not intuitive at all.


There are many buildings in each block… I’m not sure how it works yet. Most of the streets don’t even have names. I was late for meetings yesterday and today because of this issue. For both instances I had to call the offices and someone came downstairs and found me. Fortunately, everyone understands the issue.


After the meeting yesterday I had a lunch of eggs benedict at a fancy hotel, because that’s what I was craving. It’s survey, so I’m especially in tune to my own needs and cravings, and am in a pretty good position to satisfy most of them (the food ones, at least). I spoke to my sister during this lunch and she asked if Tokyo felt polluted. I said no (the city is very clean), but after thinking about it, I think there is notable air pollution. My eyes have been stinging. After lunch I priced the department stores in Ginza, the fancy shopping district.



Everything is expensive in Tokyo except for panty hose. Really great quality panty hose from fantastic brands and tights are 1/3 of the Boston prices here. Even less, maybe. My excitement only partially translated to the employees at Mitsukoshi who helped me figure out the right size. I tested them out today and will head back to stock up before leaving the city.


After the department stores I went on a search for Tempura. It was certainly a day of decadent foods. I found a corner bar and sat outside, drank sake, transcribed prices, and enjoyed the tempura. It started raining during the dinner, and the server/chef of the restaurant gave me an umbrella even though I told him he wouldn’t get it back. It was raining hard so I was thankful! Wow! After dinner I had a hair washing and drying appointment. They had warmed chairs. Mmm.


Today I worked, ate chicken katsu for lunch, and then went to the Muji store :). Then I went back to the hotel and did some hand washing of my clothes. Then walked around the neighborhood of my hotel to find some dinner. I chose a place because of the atmosphere. Turns out it was a dumplings and chicken wings specialty bar so I’d eat dumplings. Yes, they were outstanding. I ordered the ones they recommend with three garlic icons on the menu and ate them with homemade spicy sauce mixed with soy sauce, as you do. There were some businessmen there getting so drunk! I didn’t get drunk, my plan for tomorrow is to wake up early and visit Tsukiji fish market for a sushi breakfast, then it will be a long day of work.

Hope you are well!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Working Days in Tokyo: Rush Hour and Afterwards”

  1. Meleah Says:

    Gyoza, yum! I think the buildings are numbered according to age. How anyone would know that, I don’t know!

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