November 12, 2016

Hi Family and Friends,

It’s been a while since the last post and the last survey, but I’m back on the road for a two week survey of Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe, Japan. What fun! The flight to Tokyo was direct and uneventful, filled as usual with Bradley Cooper movies, some tears (I cry so easily during movies on Airplanes, it must be something about the air pressure) fidgeting, and decent snacks, until we were getting off the plane. wp_20161112_07_52_07_proThe man sitting next to me (in the window, we were just two on one side said, “you look familiar!” Turns out we had just begun to work together and I’ll be visiting his office on Tuesday. Oh wow.We had quite a laugh about this, funny it didn’t come up during the 14 hours we sat very close to each other.

I took the Narita Express train from the airport to Tokyo Station, then a cab to the hotel. I was too overwhelmed and exhausted to do it by subway.  Then went right to bed by 9.

Today was a big day. I visited three supermarkets, took two connecting subway rides, and two taxis. After the first market I visited a park next to the market. For lunch I ate at a sushi bar and had a great time hanging out with the chef. wp_20161112_15_50_59_proWe didn’t speak any words in common so “talked” with eyes and smiles. Pretty great. After the last market I somehow stumbled upon a farmers market and Sake fest, though the sake fest was already winding down.

I walked around Harijuku for a while, and then went to Ginza for dinner.  I ate at a little place that served these half-cooked pancake balls with octopus in them (food to eat with a beer). Sounds weird but surprise! they are delicious. I would have had a more substantial dinner but am too tired tonight. Also, I had a lot of food samples today from the markets and farmers market. Maybe more than I’ve had in one day ever and certainly tried some interesting things. Looking forward to a nice day tomorrow.

Hope you are great.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Konnichiwa”

  1. Loved getting your update this morning and knowing that you are already winding down Saturday as we wake up! This sounds so interesting! Makes me want to go out for sushi! Love you!

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