Working day in Venezuela

December 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was an interesting and very productive day in Caracas. It’s a difficult situation here for everyone, especially local people. WP_20151202_10_57_21_ProPrices are rising and a lot of things, especially imported goods, are now more than ever too expensive for many people to buy. I knew but did not really understand, that many goods that we use everyday are just not available here! WP_20151202_12_39_30_ProThe whole day I was not able to find things like shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper, soap, tampons, or pads. I have no idea what then women do. Ironically, at one of the stores in the mall there was an entire aisle of hangers for the shower. I hear the phrase “no hay” quite often…there aren’t any.

At the first market, there was a large line. I got in it, but soon realized it was the line to buy milk. WP_20151202_12_20_57_ProAt the same market, I saw a little fight over rice, which is generally unavailable. There was however, a lot of of honey and soy milk. at the next market, there was a line around the corner for diapers.

Miguel and I went to a few more markets which sold very expensive imported goods. WP_20151202_13_03_28_ProChicken and beef are difficult to find. At the tire store, there aren’t any tires! During the middle of the day I worked at Sambil, an enormous mall. There were a lot of empty shelves. And no soap in the bathrooms! This is an issue because hand washing is an important thing to do.

WP_20151202_16_04_46_ProAfter Sambil mall, the car broke down on an exit ramp. Miguel’s friend Carlo came with a battery. They jump started the car and I surveyed the rest of the day with Carlo while Miguel went to see about his car. I hope the issue is not serious and that he doesn’t need a new battery. To get a new car battery, there’s a two day long line.

After work I worked out at the hotel and had dinner. I’m exhausted and there’s another long day tomorrow!

Love, Annie


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