Working days in Portland

August 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s been a productive and fun two days in Portland. WP_20150813_06_09_17_ProYesterday I woke up early and went on a jog through Laurelhurst park, a nice park right near my airbnb. I saw some beautiful scenery and a raccoon, from which I carefully moved away. There were also a lot of people sleeping in the park. For the workday, WP_20150813_12_53_32_Promy first stop was Safeway. I spent all morning at Safeway. After Safeway, I drove to the Pioneer square area where I found more important outlets. I walked through a cool food truck area and ate sushi for lunch. WP_20150813_20_28_12_ProAfter more work in the afternoon, I went to a restaurant called “Ox” for dinner. Ox is Argentinian food x Portland food. It was an excellent meal. I had oysters, squid and octopus salad, house made chorizo, and blistered green beans.

wp_20150814_14_36_09_proToday I woke up early but did not go for a run. I went to a coffee shop for breakfast and work, and then worked all day. In the afternoon I visited the Japanese Gardens and the Rose Gardens on Portland’s west side. Both were excellent. WP_20150814_15_46_54_ProI forgot to mention – for lunch, I went to a restuarant called Harlow that served vegetarian food and smoothies. Someone who worked there called me “ladybug.” I liked that – it was a very welcoming place. They served an item that was priced on a sliding scale because they believe that everyone deserves a warm, organic meal but some people cannot afford the standard bowl. What a cool establishment.

In the evening, I went to a wine bar called Noble Rot, which was recommended by my uncle’s friend. WP_20150814_18_28_48_ProNoble Rot is on the fourth floor of a building and has a great view. I tried a flight of Pinot Noirs and then Rose. For food, I had some Padron peppers (kind of like Shishito peppers – some are spicy – but fatter) and some ricotta cheese toast. A lot of the produce used at Noble Rot (the herbs in the Ricotta AND the peppers, in my meal) is grown on the roof of the building. MM!

Later in the evening, I took a walk back to WP_20150814_21_39_49_ProCascade barrel house to get some dessert beer and ended up trying a few more. I’m really liking Portland with its unisex bathrooms and friendly people. It’s a very easy place to be. Kind of seems like Allston, MA but with wider streets, more respectful people, and cleaner.

Tomorrow I plan to head to a biscuit place for breakfast and then to Cannon beach. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Love, Annie


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