Back to Calgary

August 11, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. I’m back in Calgary! It’s the first stop on a short survey. During this trip I’ll also visit Portland OR, San Ramon CA, and San Francisco CA. wp_20150810_18_59_12_proIt’s been four years since I came to Calgary on my first ever survey. I only vaguely remember Calgary from that first survey. I’m much better at navigating cities now having visited ~100 since my last trip here.

I flew out of Boston this morning and transited through Chicago. The layover was only 35 minutes long so there was no time to hang out in O’Hare and I had to sprint across terminal C to catch the flight. The flights were easy. I read last week’s Economist (got to catch up), nodded off pretty hard a few times, and drank tomato juice. wp_20150810_18_59_22_proIn Calgary, the rental car company ran out of GPS units, but I found the airbnb just fine. Going downtown is not that complicated although there was significant traffic.

The airbnb condo is on the 18th floor of a moderately fancy apartment building. It’s clean, it’s bigger and nicer than my apartment at home, and the woman I’m renting from is very good at communication.

I did some work in the afternoon (surveying is not my job now, so I must take care of other work from the road) and then had a good wander. I found a tapas restaurant in the “beltline” district and had dinner. I sat at a bar that faced the street, a perfect vantage point. wp_20150810_20_00_46_proI read and watched people walk by. The best things I had were meatballs and rose sangria.

Midway through the meal looked up the Canadian dollar. I assumed the rate was around 1-1 or 1-1.15. The Canadian dollar is weaker than I imagined (currently 1 USD is nearly 1.3 CAD) so I had a very indulgent meal and even ordered dessert and espresso. Tomorrow I’ll wake up early for work and a meeting.

Love, Annie

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