Goodbye Stavanger, Hej Stockholm

May 12, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. Yestrerday was a great day in Stavanger. I went to my meetings and had time to visit the petrol museum in between. WP_20150511_16_05_24_ProIt was interesting to learn all about the industry. Of course, the museum was well done with a 3D movie and great exhibits. I had a really nice evening that included a wonderful meal of melon and ham, gluten free pasta with awesome sauce, and berries and ice cream.

WP_20150512_11_41_04_ProI’m in the hotel in Stockholm, the last location of the trip. I slept in a little today in Stavanger and packed up, had breakfast at the hotel, made some work phone calls, walked around the town, and then took the bus to the airport. The second flight from Oslo was delayed a little, but not too bad.

I took the Arlanda Express train from the airport to downtown Stockholm, which was awesome. WP_20150512_19_47_47_ProIt took 20 minutes and the train goes almost 130 mph. The hotel is close to the train station and in a good location. I also got a room upgrade. I have been craving tapas for a while, so I went to get some tapas for dinner. It was raining and I sat near the window. Tomorrow I have some meetings and then some good old fashioned survey work. Back to the supermarkets!

Love, Annie


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