Oi Stavanger!

May 10, 2015

Hi Family and Friends,

Happy Mothers Day!! Hope you had a nice weekend. The past two days have been awesome. WP_20150509_12_46_43_ProYesterday morning, I woke up extremely early (4:15 am) to drive back to Palanga airport and catch the flights to Stavanger. It was two short flights with a layover in Copenhagen, which I was happy about because I like CPH.

I drank a green juice and had a sandwich at Joe and the Juice for breakfast. WP_20150509_14_24_52_ProI arrived in Stavanger and took the bus to the hotel. It was a cloudy day. I found the hotel and unpacked and took care of some work things on the computer. The room is better than I expected it would be, a bit bigger.

I walked around the city center a little bit and found very cute stores and live music. WP_20150509_15_36_56_ProIt was jazz and probably had something to do with the Maijazz (May Jazz) festival that’s going on here. Then I stopped for lunch at a cool cafe and ate the special pulled pork sandwich. The woman working there was Czech and she gave me some good tips for Stavanger.

It started raining pretty hard and I didn’t want to leave, so I also had a warm brownie and coffee and read my magazine. WP_20150510_09_51_21_ProIt was still rainy and freezing so I went back to my hotel to get better socks and an umbrella, and went back out to explore. It was so rainy and windy that it was miserable to walk around and fortunately I found the Maritime Museum.

I spent an hour learning about the maritime history of Stavanger, which is fascinating. WP_20150510_12_08_35_ProThen I walked around the old town a little more, but didn’t last long and headed back to the hotel and watched some you tube videos for a while.

Then I went back out to find a drink. I ended up at a bar with some live music. I walked in because it was really crowded. I didn’t love the music but I did make some friends. WP_20150510_12_25_24_ProFor dinner I was invited to join in a lovely home cooked meal! A pretty special treat when I’m on survey and interesting to see how Norwegians actually live.

This morning I woke up early, ate breakfast at the hotel, and headed out to take the ferry and then a bus to Preikestolen for a hike. WP_20150510_12_32_28_ProPreikestolen is also called “pulpit rock”. It overlooks Lysefjord. It was an absolutely gorgeous hike, I was able to refil my water bottle with cold mountain water. I hung out at the top for a while. WP_20150510_12_40_25_ProOn the ferry to the place you catch the bus to Preikestolen, I bumped into some of the friends from last night, two girls from the Los Angeles who work together and also travel together. We chatted for a while but didn’t hike together.

WP_20150510_13_36_24_ProThe hike was hard work but not too bad. The round trip took me about three and a half hours. There were plenty of people on the trail but it was not too crowded. On the way down, I slipped WP_20150510_13_59_05_Proand slammed my toe against a rock in the worst way (serves me right for not wearing the proper footwear) and now part of the nail is already black and I have a hard time walking. It really started to hurt after I finished my descent and has just gotten worse all afternoon. Eek. WP_20150510_15_08_55_ProI hope it’s better tomorrow because it hurt to put on shoes this afternoon.

While I was waiting for the ferry home, I got to see some young boys  fishing. They caught a bunch of fish and were cleaning them out. It was really cool to see.

I got back from the hike, showered, and walked around the town a little bit. I ate a fish cake and wine, and then went to a Thai restaurant with a Romanian woman working there for dinner.

Tomorrow, work!

Love, Annie


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