Working in Lithuania

May 7, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Not too much to report for today – it was just a working day. Breakfast is included at the hotel so I had a nice breakfast and read the news. Then I went to two meetings. WP_20150507_12_13_53_ProBetween the meetings I had time to visit a cool store with cork shoes and bags from Portugal. I didn’t buy anything but chatted with the store owner for a while. The store owner is a lady from Klaipeda who had spent some time in Portugal. Now she sells products from Portugal in a store in Lithuania. I don’t know Lithuanian and she didn’t know much English, but we were able to communicate a little in Portuguese!

The second meeting went better than the first. In the first, they didn’t want to talk to me. In the second, I met with a young guy who provided good information and then we chatted about kite-surfing. WP_20150507_15_13_57_ProThere is an amazing spot for kite surfing not far from Klaipeda, near Nida and the Russian border. It’s going to become a big deal in the next 10 years. After those meetings I got my hair washed and dried at a salon. It was a nice luxury and was very inexpensive at less than half of the price for the same service in the United States.

I had lunch and then got stood up for my third meeting. WP_20150507_20_32_00_ProI had a laugh with the receptionist at the hotel where my meeting was supposed to be, and then she helped me figure out alternative businesses to meet with. I ended up having a productive afternoon. Then I went to the new mall to check it out and got gelato, and went back to my hotel to relax. For dinner I ate at a cool restaurant called Momo Grill. I had delicious steak and wine.

Now I am back at the hotel and intend to watch Parks and Rec. I’m planning to wake up early for a fun road trip to Latvia tomorrow.

Love, Annie


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