Sveiki Klaipėda!

May 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope all is well. Today was a great full day. I took the metro to the Copenhagen airport in this morning. It was so easy and cost only 36 DKK, which is around 6 dollars. WP_20150506_16_35_37_ProI just walked from the hotel to metro, got on, and in 20 minutes I was checked in. I got a nice pat down at airport security. I was at the airport early, so I had a coffee and then a green juice and sandwich at Joe and the Juice (a Danish chain I’ve come to enjoy) and walked around the airport.

I got some Lakrids (liqorice) as gifts to give during my meetings in Lithuania.WP_20150506_16_42_21_Pro Danish people (Scandinavian people in general, I think) really seem to like licorice. There are designer licorice companies that sell licorice and other things with chocolate around them alllll over Copenhagen (and Reykjavik too). They also have salted licorice. WP_20150506_16_58_43_ProThe chocolate ones are pretty good. The salted must be an acquired taste.

I was one of 5 women on the flight to Lithuania, which was pretty interesting. At the rental car desk at Palanga aiport, I got an upgrade so I’ll be cruising around in a sweet Jetta.WP_20150506_17_26_49_Pro The guy at the rental desk had a really great pen – it was one of those cheap cvs-type ones, but really good. He said he didn’t know where you could buy it, he got it from his friend. WP_20150506_15_28_55_ProJust as I finished gushing about how awesome I thought it was for 5 minutes, I clicked it the wrong way and the top flew off and the spring flew across the room. Noooo. We had quite a laugh about it, but I felt so badly.

WP_20150506_16_35_05_ProWith GPS, the drive to the hotel was easy and took about half an hour. The radio stations were totally on point! They had some nice vocal trance. I felt like I was back in high school driving around to vocal trance. The hotel is pretty good and my room is larger than both of the other hotel rooms I’ve had so far put together, x2. WP_20150506_18_48_06_ProThis says less about the hotel room here, and more about the tiny closet rooms in Reykjavik and Copenhagen. It’s nice to have some space to dance around. There’s also a nespresso machine.

WP_20150506_18_39_03_ProI settled in and set up the meetings for tomorrow and then set out on a walk around Klaipeda. The city is really awesome. By the time I got to the old city area it was 5ish so I drank some Lithuanian beer(s) and ate a beer snacks assortment. I liked the cheese, enjoy like the smoked pigs ears. WP_20150506_18_52_25_ProWP_20150506_19_08_30_ProAfter that I walked around more and every street was cuter than the last one.

My first impression of the city is extremely good. It’s a small port city, and a few times a month cruise ships stop there. There is a cruise ship here now but still I did not notice big crowds. I found a great park and saw an adorable puppy that was too frightened to come over to me, and found a bar on a boat and had a beer on the boat while people rowed by. WP_20150506_19_34_52_ProI told one of my colleagues that it was like the Santa Cruz do Sul (little town in southern Brazil) of Eastern Europe. Then I got some waters at a supermarket and walked back to the hotel.

It didn’t get dark until about 10:30! Tomorrow I’ll get up early to get to my meetings.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Sveiki Klaipėda!”

  1. Ronna Says:

    can you bring me home some licorice? I LOVE licorice. Especially black licorice. I’d like to try the salty kind too!

  2. annesandwich Says:

    I know, I was planning on it. It’s like licorice and m+ms in one. They have a special one for mothers day that they are sampling everywhere. it’s so good. I didn’t buy it yet because I have no self control and would eat the entire fancy jar in one night.

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