Work and fun in Copenhagen

May 5, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope your week has started out well. Just as the title of this post describes, the past few days have been filled with work and fun. To be honest there has been some moodiness as well. I’ve come to realize that the weather heavily influences my mood. Yesterday WP_20150504_14_15_14_ProI slept late and biked to a cafe where I worked and ate smørrebrød for brunch. I liked the one with fish the best. In the afternoon, I made my way to the Carlsberg brewery, also on the bike. It was pretty interesting and I drank Jacobson beer, which is not sold in the United States. WP_20150504_15_28_16_ProIt’s brewed on the Carlsberg property. I didn’t drink all of the beers that came with my ticket to the brewery because I needed to bike home and didn’t want to be too drunk for that. After the brewery, I returned my rental bike (sad but actually kind of a relief as I was starting to get pretty sore) and walked around the neighborhood near my hotel. WP_20150504_14_56_57_ProI wasn’t feeling that great, probably because I had a beer at lunch and then it was raining out. I bought some shampoo (the hotel didn’t provide good stuff) and went back and did a spa afternoon. That made me feel a lot better.

I went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and ate green salad and some extremely rich gnocchi with slow roasted pork and so much cheese. WP_20150505_14_16_38_ProYummm. It was incredible. At dinner I played on my iPad and thought about a great kickstarter idea. I can’t tell you yet though.

This morning I had a big day. I woke up early, ate breakfast in the hotel, and went to three meetings that were all finished by 2:30 pm. In the middle of the meetings I did some work at a bakery where I drank coffee and tried a marzipan bakery treat. Yum. WP_20150505_16_22_28_ProAfter the meetings, I went back to the market area Torvehallerne to get some tapas and a glass of white wine (because that’s what you do). The chorizo was my favorite. I ended up sitting for a long time talking with this old Danish guy who was a regular at the tapas bar and we drank more glasses of wine and I was pretty plastered by 4:30 in the afternoon. We philosophized and really enjoyed life together at the tapas bar. WP_20150505_18_09_42_ProI learned that there’s a Danish word for the concept of wanting to eat something delicious even though you are not hungry. Seems like it’s different than just a craving. It’s cool to learn these kinds of concepts in different languages, and it’s cool WP_20150505_18_21_35_Pro(and discouraging, but also hopeful) to consider that our thoughts and the way that we understand the world are both dictated and limited by the languages we speak. That’s partly why I’m jealous of multilingual people. They are equipped with more ways in which to make sense of the world.

I parted ways with my new friend, super happy about the whole experience, and wandered around Torvehallerne for a while longer and got a ginger juice/ smoothie for the vitamins. WP_20150505_19_17_34_ProThen I wandered around the old streets of Copenhagen looking in the stores and also trying not to be a drunk idiot and of course got kind of lost. I finally found my way back to the hotel and that’s where I am now. I had a headache, which was to be expected, but I ate some crisps and drank water and took some Excedrin, which is just now kicking in and I am back to 85%. I checked in for my flight tomorrow to Lithuania and now I am considering where to do for dinner. It’s raining pretty hard and I’m not hungry even though it’s after 9:00 pm. I think i’m going to stay in and eat my fruit and nut bar, pack, and try to watch the last season of Parks and Rec.

Love, Annie


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