Sunday in Copenhagen

May 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Sunday! Last night turned out to be really fun. I ate at a sushi restaurant and then headed to a cocktail bar that was recommended by the bartenders at the sushi place. WP_20150503_16_18_23_ProThe cocktail bar was one of those “concept” cocktail bars – very fancy. I intended to have only one drink but then I made friends with the bartenders and started talking to the people around me. One of the people there was very important in the Copenhagen drinking scene – he owned a gin company! WP_20150503_12_42_16_ProHe knew Boston because he had lectured about gin at Harvard. I got back to the hotel and all they had were BBQ flavored chips. They had sold out of the sea salt ones.

This morning I got up feeling surprisingly good and rented a bike. I got some coffee and then explored on the bike looking for a brunch spot. I ended up at this really cool market area called Torvehallerne where I ate some fish cakes and fancy juices. I encountered a super organic lotions store with great packaging and when I saw it I thought to myself “ooohhhh shit” because I am always tempted by that stuff. WP_20150503_16_15_00_ProThe lady who worked there saw me sigh in dismay and started to laugh because usually people don’t have such a negative reaction to this store. Anyway I spoke with her for a while and she washed and scrubbed my hands and I bought some body oil lotion. Of course.

WP_20150503_15_13_25_ProAfter that I went to the Danish Jewish  Museum, which was fantastic. I learned a lot. Then I went to Tivoli, and I’m not sure what all the fuss is about Tivoli. It’s an amusement park, and it seems like a cool place to bring little kids. I biked around more and then went to the hotel to relax.

For dinner I walked into a restaurant called Geist, which was very swanky. I went in because it was crowded and a lot of the other places I looked up were either empty or closed. WP_20150503_16_37_42_ProI definitely didn’t understand what I was getting into – I was really looking for a burger and some interesting beer – but it turned out for the best. I sat at the bar and drank nice cocktails and ate spinach and then some fish with ravioli made from Gruyere cheese and fennel inside. It was delicious. I sat next to a girl Sara who works at the restaurant but it was her night off. We had an awesome night and drank and chatted about life.

It’s drizzling out and I’m a little concerned about the rental bike, which is outside. I was told to just leave it on the street though, so i’m trying not to think about it.

It’s been an awesome few days off and I am excited to do some work tomorrow. Love, Annie


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