Goodbye Reykjavik, Hej Copenhagen

May 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

WP_20150501_16_32_37_ProHope you are having a nice weekend. This morning I woke up at 4:00 am and flew from Reykjavik to Copenhagen. The flight was about three hours. I arrived in Copenhagen at around 1:00 pm and took the train to the center station. WP_20150502_15_55_29_ProI got a little lost trying to walk from the train station to the hotel, so I jumped in a cab. I unpacked at the hotel and went to Nyhavn (pictured) for lunch. Nyhavn is the iconic colorful canal street. WP_20150502_18_55_49_ProIt was a beautiful sunny day and I was lucky to get a table outside. I had salad with salmon on it. Just as I was finishing lunch some live music started. It was three guys with two guitars and drums and they were WP_20150502_18_57_55_Proreally good!! They were Danish but played covers of mostly songs I knew. I got some wine to go (you can do that here) and hung out outside and listened to the band. Then I walked around a lot more WP_20150501_12_45_27_Proand thought about what it would have been like if I were a little girl here in 1943 like in Number the Stars. When I was finished doing that, I wandered over to Christianhavn, and walked WP_20150501_14_12_35_Prothrough Christiania, where drugs are “allowed.” I didn’t intend to do any, I was just curious. They do not allow pictures so I didn’t take any, but sure enough, the “Green Light District” was full of WP_20150501_19_08_07_Prosmoke clouds and people chilling outside. I couldn’t tell if it was mostly tourists … probably was. Now i’m back at the hotel. I tried to watch the news but the only story CNN was covering this hour is the royal baby. Now I’m going to go get some dinner and a drink.

Love, Annie


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