working like mad en esta ciudad

February 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was frustrating, productive, and fun – a good day of training. We started work at the hotel making phone calls. It took us a long time to just get a taxi from the hotel in the morning because of some issues with the reception. IMG_3096But we finally did, and had a solid four hours of sitting in traffic pounding the pavement, visiting outlets and realtors around the city. There is a steady stream of traffic congestion here, even late at night. Our driver put on some super strong cologne right before dropping us at the last stop. IMG_3100We were so happy to get out of the car at that time because the scent was strong and gross enough to give both of us a headache.

We ate a late lunch around 4:00 pm at a restaurant in Ciudad del Carmen’s best new mall. Good thing we were ready for some beers because it was a happy hour. Food was free if you order drinks. In fact, IMG_3101you could ONLY get food if you ordered drinks. One beer gets you a soup, two, a small plate, and three, a larger plate. So we had to order a third beer to get the entrée we wanted plus a small plate. I tried a michelada, which was delicious. I’ll definitely have more of those in the future.

After lunch we had a newfound energy and spent until around 9:00 pm working in the mall. IMG_3099We weren’t hungry for dinner and instead I had a mixed berry yogurt popsicle that was quite good. We were a bit concerned about how we were going to get back to the hotel, but there was a taxi stand outside the mall! This surprised us both because it’s been so difficult to get a taxi around here. The ride home was filled with excellent music. Now I’m exhausted and excited for bed, for work tomorrow, and for future micheladas.

Love, Annie

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