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Weekend in Sao Paulo

August 2, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are having a nice weekend. Yesterday I did a lot of work and then worked out. In the evening I went to a street called Aspicuelta St in the Vila Madalena neighborhood. It’s one of the cool places to go out in Sao Paulo. I walked around and ate dinner at a bar – a chicken sandwich and a great cocktail made from mashed up fruits that I didn’t recognize and vodka. I watched some of the Budweiser girls promote beer. One of them spoke English so we chatted for a little even though I did not want any beer. 20140802_145422They had pretty crazy outfits. After eating, I walked around for a while taking in the scene and just as I was thinking how difficult it is to make friends if I can’t talk to anyone, I met a three girls who were out together after work.

Two of the three girls spoke English. I hung out with them for a while at their table outside of a bar. I tried a type of alcohol called “busca vida” and drank beer from a small glass (the group gets big bottles, and everyone has their own small glass). 20140802_170103I learned just how crazy it was here during the world cup. The girls, who were regulars at that bar (it explains the awesome table), told me that they had to stay away from their usual hang outs during the world cup because it was too crazy. They told me that it was so crowded, you could buy cocaine with a credit card, and people were having sex right on the side streets. The girls were also Beatles enthusiasts so we knew a lot of the same songs. After we paid our bill, we were brought another big bottle of beer – I am told this is called the “saidera”. I could be spelling it wrong but it’s like the “exiting drink.” “Saida” means “exit.” You get one if you are a good customer.  After the bar, we went to a  dance club where they were playing all the hip hop hits from the US mixed in with Brazilian hip hop music. It was very fun.

This morning was slow, but I got some work done (as much as I needed to complete today) and then had a nice afternoon and evening walking around Sao Paulo and doing touristy things. I first went to the Cathedral da Se, the famous cathedral, and walked from there to the  Liberdade neighborhood – the Japanese area. 20140802_174132There is an enormous Japanese community here. According to Wikipedia, “Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.” I ate lunch at an awesome little sushi restaurant. It was very crowded but I got in right away and sat at the sushi bar.

After wandering around the Japanese neighborhood a bit more, I went to the MASP, the art museum on the famous Avenida Paulista. I spent nearly three hours in the museum. After the museum, I walked around Avenida Paulista and the Jardins neighborhood. I got a Popsicle (the third picture is from the Popsicle shop) and then a manicure, and wandered around a bunch more before heading to dinner. 20140802_172416For dinner I went to a fancy Brazilian restaurant and had pork chops with rice in a brown sauce and vegetables – all extremely delicious. I learned about the restaurant from some people who were in a store I was browsing. After dinner, more walking.

Now I am back at the hotel and excited to sleep. I’d like Bubbie and Eddie to know that I see papaya everywhere but I have yet to see it served with the seeds. I’m still looking 🙂

Love, Annie