Ciao Ciao, Rio

August 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m headed to Manaus tomorrow after a fantastic week here in Rio de Janeiro. This is my favorite city of my survey career. Yesterday I did some work in the morning in Leblon, which is right near Ipanema where I am staying, and walked back to the hotel. For lunch I had a bento box at an interesting, very modern Japanese style lunch spot that sells its dishes in small servings and you can just get however many you want. Four fit nicely on the tray. It’s cool. After lunch headed to the lagoa for a nice run. There’s an 8-kilometer route around a big lake located approximately five blocks from my hotel. It’s so beautiful. After running around the lake, I drank from a coconut (they sell coconuts with straws everywhere) and then walked six blocks to the beach where I walked along the beach and had a maracuja (passionfruit) caiprinha. During dinner, I sat next to the former CFO of coca cola in Brasil who was also sitting alone. He was retired and spends half his time in Rio and the other half in Montevideo, Uruguay, his hometown. He knew about my company and our surveys. HA!

Today (technically my day off) I finished my work, ate a little cup of acai, and went for another run around the lake. photo (6)I ran in the opposite direction (clockwise, this time) and it was even nicer. After that, I put on my bathing suit and spent the afternoon at the beach. I read and ate a frango (chicken) sandwich at my favorite stand. And of course drank another caipirinha. After the beach, I packed my bag and headed out to dinner at Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa neighborhood to try Feijoada (finally). It was so good. I walked up the street from the restaurant for a little bit after eating, and saw a guy that I had rode the bus with a few days before – he was working at one of the bars! I wouldn’t normally recognize someone from the bus, but it was kind of a bumpy/weird bus ride and we had kind of looked at each other when some of other riders were raising their voices. Also he was extremely good looking and had a huge tribal tattoo so it was memorable. I went in and got some beer. Turns out this guy is Uruguayan, not Brazilian, but is living in Santa Teresa. It was such a chill place.

There was live music, two guys were singing and playing guitar. I hung out with a girl from England who was also alone and just decided to sit next to me and make friends. She was in Sao Paulo for work but came here for the weekend. After the musicians were finished, they came over and sat with us.  I bought them some beers and we chatted. One was from Mexico and the other from Argentina. They said they met on the street and have just been traveling all around South America playing music and making just enough money to live. Their band is called Arrabal del Sur. They were so jealous of the amount I get to travel. Often I forget how cool it is because I’m so tired after three years. After a few drinks, I left my new friends because I wanted to get home. It may have been a great time to keep hanging out with these people, but I have had more than my fair share of fun here and just wanted to play it safe for my last night.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Ciao Ciao, Rio”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Thank you for the blog and it’s goodbye rio hello Manaus. I was so interested in going to Manaus as I remember it before it was built. Brazil needed a place for the government to run. So they made up this city that was nothing but overgrown jungle and they cleared the land and built beautiful buildings to work and nice houses for the workers and put in fine shrubbery and it was beautiful. And the govt officials worked there all week and them flew home to their families because the wives wouldn’t live in such a barren city. I am sure it must be better now and the hotel great as it was made for diplomats to stay. I am sure by this time there are chain hotels. The city is situated in the middle of nowhere. It isn’t far from the Amazonie so maybe you will have time to be in the jungle but I doubt as it’s kind of a trip on its own. You just need time,,
    My life is not quite so interesting but tomorrow Lexi is taking her cousin Emma shopping so she won’t look like a nerd. Lexi knows her fashion and says she can fix her up with some good things to wear to school. We are going to the Natick mall and I will sit down someplace while they visit the loads of teen shops. I do hope it works out and we get t hru the day without fighting. Shopping can be so stressful for some of us.. Have a good Sunday and so anxious to see you, 143

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