Fun (and work) in Rio de Janeiro

August 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are having a nice week. My time in Rio has been awesome and I’m excited to have a few more days here. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

photo 4 (2)On Saturday night after writing I went to Lapa. I had dinner and capirinhas and met a group of people who work as a crew for a big yacht that is sitting at one of the Marinas here. The rich owner is at his house on land. I think they’ve been here since late April. Two of the crew members were from the Boston area – the captain from Maine and the engineer from Duxbury – so it was nice to speak to them and hear those familiar accents. Other crew members were from Panama, Argentina, etc. Lapa was interesting and had great people watching. I was able to see all sorts of things from my outdoor table.

Sunday morning I woke up and headed to Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain) to see the view. I rode the cable car and while on the mountain hung out with a couple from New York. They were trying to find someone to take a decent picture of them and we realized we all spoke English. After the mountain I went with that couple to the “hippy market” (crafts and art market) that they had planned to visit. It was right near my hotel so very convenient and I joined happily. Tphoto 2 (3)here were some pretty cool crafts and some beautiful paintings. The couple bought me a cool bracelet as a gift because I paid for the cab ride (I was going to have to take a cab ride anyway)! For lunch I went to a fancy rustic place where I had a ridiculous burger with walnuts and pears and blue cheese sauce on it – that’s what they recommend. I opted for salad instead of fries.

After that, I spent the afternoon walking along Ipanema and Copacababa beach. photo 1 (3)There are many miles to walk. On Sundays the roads along the beaches are all closed and everyone comes out to chill. Sunday night I went to a great restaurant called ZaZa in the Ipanema neighborhood. I could walk there. One of my drinks (pictured) had vodka, strawberries, hot pepper, basil leaves, coconut water, and cranberry juice, with a rim of white and milk chocolates. YEAH!!

Monday was a work day and I spent all day in the Barra neighborhood at the supermarket and the mall. I went for a run in the afternoon after getting home (after sitting in tons of traffic). In the evening, I went to drink beers and eat bar snacks on Copacabana beach with the boat crew friends I met on Saturday. It was low key and relaxing. Along the beaches there are just kiosks with tables and snacks.

IMG_0999Yesterday was another work day. I had a meeting and then I went around to some hotels and restaurants to collect prices. The evening was especially fun. I went out with a friend I met at the hotel breakfast – a professor of statistics from the US who was here for a few days also for work! We went to Academia de Cachaca – a place not too far from our hotel with a good reputation – for drinks and local food. We had a lot to discuss especially because I had just been to his hometown Delhi!

Today I had some more meetings in the morning and then made some phone calls. photo 3 (2)For lunch I ate a small sandwich at my favorite beachside stand (they know me now) and I had a nice afternoon run along Ipanema beach. It’s so beautiful here, the people are friendly, and it’s a motivating bonus when you run along the beach to look at all the extremely good looking (and not very clothed) men and women. In the evening I took the bus (!) to Santa Teresa to see the Parque das Runias but I didn’t stay very long because it got dark and I didn’t want to be in that neighborhood alone in the dark. It did have a nice view of the city though. I took the bus back successfully and had dinner at a rodizho type of restaurant where they bring around different meats. I tried and did not enjoy chicken heart.

Tomorrow I’m going to (hopefully) finish my work and try the Brazilian dish Feijoada.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Fun (and work) in Rio de Janeiro”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Oh it was so nice to hear from you and you are having a fun time as you work is a bonus. Looking forward to your arriving home next week and we can discuss the people you met along the way. Love you

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