Salud Sao Paulo

July 31, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I Hope you are doing well. I’ve arrived in Sao Paulo and am staying in a decent hotel in a nice neighborhood of the city. It’s fine for me to walk around to the nearby restaurants. I went to a nice one tonight and ate a ceviche tasting. The last few days have been pretty normal. I didn’t do anything in Asuncion except for work. The work went smoothly.

photoI arrived in Sao Paulo late last night. The GRU airport is enormous and it took a while to get the bags because they put them on the wrong baggage claim. My first impression of Sao Paulo was that it’s pretty smoggy here. I noticed it from the airplane window and see it when I look at further-away buildings. I looked it up and it does in fact look like Sao Paulo has a smog problem.

Today was pretty good. I woke up early and ate breakfast at the hotel (not great food but good coffee) and then headed to the mall. In the supermarket, some of the employees were being kind of jokesters and one guy smacked another guy in the butt really hard as they were putting away some items. I tried not to laugh but they could tell and then tried to explain to me, but of course I had no idea. I have no idea what anyone is saying to me.

Portuguese is very difficult for me and there is not much English here. I like how the language sounds, but it doesn’t sound very nice coming from me. The accent difficult and most words aren’t pronounced how they are written. While some words are similar to Spanish words, the accents are So different. I tried to use Spanish to communicate today, and the person had no idea what I was doing. Notably, I’m not positive that even Spanish-speaking people can understand my Spanish… but it did work well in Paraguay… Tonight at the restaurant, I asked for a refill of my drink (with my fingers and body language), and the server went and got the manager. Currently, the only thing I can say in Portuguese that makes any sense to people is “It’s a cost of living survey” but I am optimistic.

20140731_122035The mall was really nice. There are tons of shops for shoes and for lingerie. There was an enormous food court  with all sorts of fast food and fancier restaurants that gets totally packed during lunch time. I had an excellent Popsicle today that was strawberry and filled with condensed milk. It seems Popsicles are very popular here – there was a big line at the stand at the mall.

After work I had a nice work out and then did some transcribing while I had a caipirinha – they give you a “welcome” drink at the hotel. Then I went out to dinner. I got back and then spoke to my friend Ari who is in Australia, which was so nice. Tomorrow i’ll work and then may try to go out to a bar or fun restaurant.




2 Responses to “Salud Sao Paulo”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    Sounds like you did quite a bit today. Does the hotel have a spa or pool? The hotel agents must all speak Emglish. Ate there 2 hours difference in time? Gosh when i am tired i cant type. Thanks for the blog. Love you goodnight

    • annesandwich Says:

      hi Bubbie!! i’m just one hour ahead. the hotel has an o.k. gym and a very small, gross pool. most of the hotel agents do speak English so they are very helpful. I love you!!

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