Bye Baroda, Hi Mumbai

May 16, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Last night I was too sick to write. I went to bed early but did not get much sleep. Yesterday morning, I enjoyed a relaxing morning and then went out to see the Laxmi Vilas Palace. It was really cool – what a house. They have an audio tour that comes with the ticket so you can learn all about the house. The family that lived there was the Gaekwad family. photo 1-2After the tour, I went to a cool lake with a statue of Lord Shiva in the middle of the lake. I had another meeting in the afternoon and then started to get really sick. I had some rice and vegetables at the restaurant downstairs and witnessed a part of a wedding. Apparently it is wedding season here. The music was very loud but it did not go on for that long. I did not sleep well and had to get up at 4:45 AM this morning to catch my flight to Mumbai. The airport and airplane experience was really bad. I felt so sick on the plane and had to use the plane and airport bathrooms multiple times.

I survived though and got to the hotel in Mumbai. They tried to put me in a totally crappy room and I did not accept that so I changed for a better room. photo 4-1Same type of room, just so much brighter and less beat up. I didn’t expect that from this hotel chain. I’m wise enough to know when they are trying to shove you somewhere. After changing rooms and eating breakfast I did a bit of work, swam, did more work, worked out, and then got a nice indian head massage with oil. the oil is still in my hair, it is very greasy, but I’m supposed to leave it in overnight for maximum softness. The whole procedure, which took about an hour, cost under 20 USD.

I’m feeling a bit less sick now but am still not at 100 percent. I ate at an italian restaurant tonight because I cannot stomach another curry. Tomorrow is a work day, I’m excited to head to the mall! Have a nice weekend!

Love, Annie


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