Sunday and Monday in Delhi!

May 12, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you had a nice weekend. Yesterday I had a pretty bad day but it ended up okay. photo 2I had a difficult video chat in the morning and then did some work. At around noon, I wanted to get out of the hotel so I went to a local market that was way less awesome than I had imagined it would be. I wasn’t in the mood to navigate all the people and products. I went to lunch and when I was paying the waiter put his hand on the chair in a way that creepily touched my back and I didn’t like that. photo 1I left soon and didn’t relax at the table. After lunch it was too late to see any cool temples (they were too far away, or closed) so we (the driver and I) went back to the hotel. I tried to book a massage (or any treatment at the spa) but they were all booked up until 830 and pretty rude and unapologetic about it. Now I won’t go there at all. So I went to the gym and there was an old(er) guy there from England who was doing a little work out too, and we chatted for a bit. I was so happy to talk to someone like that, like a parent or grandparent type of person. I couldn’t hide how shitty of a day I was having.

photo 3He was not surprised that I found the people in Delhi to be difficult. He helped me to feel a bit better. At dinner I ate at a Chinese restaurant and played candy crush at dinner. I did not beat the level I have been working on for over a week now, but the food was delicious. After dinner, I spoke to my Bubbie and Grandma, which was awesome. I called my mom but she was sailing!!! I imagine she was (and is) having an excellent time.

photo 4This morning, I woke up early to get ready for my day of meetings. At breakfast, I sat next to a couple from Alaska who were on their way to Nepal to go trekking (lucky!). My meetings went well. The first one was in Gurgaon, about an hour away in traffic (20-30 mins at other times). The second was not too far from my hotel. In between the meetings, I went to a mall and did some shopping and had lunch at Starbucks. Delhi 2When I got back to the hotel I set up some meetings and a hotel pick up for my next city, Vadodara. I had a nice work out and a good Indian food dinner. Lamb chops, pepper, paneer tikka, and onions.

During dinner I sat near a man who I learned was from Miami but originally from India. At first I didn’t want to speak to anyone, just wanted to read (okay, look at Reddit and play candy crush). photo 2-1I’m glad I changed my mind because It was really nice to speak to another American. He had an interesting accent of a person who is from India but spends a lot of time with people who originally speak Spanish. We learned about each others jobs and families. It makes such a nice difference when you speak to someone who is familiar with your home culture. I got to sit at my own table and also have a conversation – I really liked that. It was the first not awkward or strained conversation I’ve had in person with anyone in a while. I’m looking forward to a meeting tomorrow morning and then possibly some sightseeing.

Love, Annie


2 Responses to “Sunday and Monday in Delhi!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    You will have to explain the picture of what looked to me like bread. Hope it was.. Love

  2. Marlene clayton Says:

    Reddit, is that ,no couldn’t be, what I think it is?

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