Happy Friday from Kolkata

May 2, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you have a nice weekend. Today I worked from my room in the morning and went out in the afternoon. I went with a driver Pawan who was excellent. He’s from Kolkata, speaks English, and seemed to know everybody everywhere. We went around to key outlets, and also went shopping for fabric for Lev so he can get some shirts made. photoI bargained a little (with some help) and I got some beautiful fabrics at a good price. During the afternoon, we stopped for lunch at a traditional Bengali restaurant.

I had failed to find this exact restaurant after walking around for a while the other day, so I am pleased that we went there. The best thing was the fish wrapped in banana leaf that you can see on the near left. In the late afternoon, I swam more laps, worked out, and did the steam room again. For dinner I gave the Chinese food restaurant another try and it was still not as good as GDH. Looking forward to finishing work tomorrow and to seeing the colonial area of town.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Happy Friday from Kolkata”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    The fish wrapped on banana leaves sounds awesome but I’m sure it was spiced up. This weekend is filled with Bat Mitzvah celebrations This is Lexis address if you want to send a mazel
    tov Lexisclayton@gmail.com. Love you

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