Working days in Kolkata

April 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a nice week. Things are good here in Kolkata. The work is a bit frustrating, but it’s going! photo 2Yesterday I had two successful meetings (the meetings were great… getting there was a challenge for both) and then ate lunch at a well known restaurant called Peter Cat. I had Chelo Kabab, a specialty at that restaurant and in West Bengal. In the afternoon I went to the fanciest mall in the city to get some prices. photo 5They had a better version of the market I got kicked out of the day before so that was especially awesome. In the afternoon I swam laps and worked out. For dinner I had an excellent Benglai food at one of the hotel restaurants. Steamed fish in a mustard sauce wrapped in a banana leaf was especially good. Today I made some phone calls and went to another supermarket. In the evening, I worked out and had a massage.

Tomorrow is a holiday, but I have a meeting in the morning. Not sure If I’ll do sightseeing tomorrow or wait until Saturday.
Love, Annie




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