Hello Kakinada

April 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was very interesting. I’m writing to you from the lobby of the hotel in Kakinada because the internet in the room is horrible. I left Hyderabad this morning. One thing I forgot to mention was that the security I encountered in that city was very tight. Every bag and person gets scanned before going into hotels, shopping malls, nice restaurants, and offices. The airport security, I thought, was excellent.

The airport experience was easy. photoWhile waiting for the flight, I noticed that this was one of these flights where there only two kinds of people on it… a handful of locals, and the rest, a bunch of oil and gas industry people. Here we go again. Other examples of flights like this were to Diyarbakir (Turkey), Atyrau (Kazakhstan), and Point Noire (Congo). Certainly these places are not tourist destinations. They are locations that I (usually) dislike yet feel lucky to be able to experience. At Rajahmundry Airport, the closest airport to Kakinada, a driver Prasad was waiting for me with a named sign. Pfew. I had the hotel concierge in Hyderabad confirm the airport pickup here because that’s not something you want to mess up. The drive from Rajahmundry to Kakinada is 70 km of complete chaos.

Kakinada 1I’ll try to describe what I saw as we drove. On the road, we encountered skinny cows, skinny men and boys writing bicycles, people herding goats, tuk tuks with 11+ people stuffed inside, huge busses, cargo trucks, mango trees, coconut stands, a bunch of motorcycles with ladies sitting sideways on the back, and no real “rules of the road”. People passing each other all over the road. There are also “police checkpoints” along the road.

I’m not sure yet what to make of the city yet. There is very little English spoken. I went outside to go purchase some shampoo and good soap because the hotel does not provide good ones. The supermarket is not bad. The hotel is okay, and actually the hotel room is better than expected. The shower is Excellent. Looking forward to an interesting and hopefully productive day tomorrow.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Hello Kakinada”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    You don’t say how long the flight was or if the person next to you spoke English but I am happy your driver was there. It does not sound like palace I would put on my bucket list but am anxious to hear all ably it from you.. Love you oodles and oodles 🍧🍧🍧

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