Hi, Hyderabad!

April 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello again! Hope you’ve had a nice rest of the winter. I’m writing to you from my hotel in Hyderabad, India. I arrived here last night (really, this morning at 2:30 AM). My assignments this survey are: Hyderabad, Kakinada, Kolkata, Bhopal, New Delhi, Vadodara, and then lastly Mumbai. photoIt will be quite an adventure. Going forward, I expect to do less travel. This will be my 12th survey, and July will mark my three year anniversary at my company. Over the past three years, I have been out of the country approximately 38% of the time. I am working towards spending more time stateside. I’m excited for a new chapter of life to begin. First, though, there is a survey to do!

The flight over here was remarkably easy. I took the new Emirates flight direct from Boston to Dubai – it was long but I watched some good movies. photo-1A driver from the hotel was waiting for me at the airport in Hyderabad, and I was the first one out because I didn’t check a bag. I didn’t go to bed until 6:00 AM due to a kind of emotional breakdown. I was so overtired from the journey over.

I finally fell asleep, and slept until 2:00 PM. I had set an alarm for earlier but at 10:00 AM when it went off I had a huge headache …nope …more sleep necessary. I got up, showered, and started to feel better. I organized my room to get ready for work and confirmed my appointments. By 2:50, I was in the car with the same driver from earlier that morning, Ashok. He’s very knowledgable about Hyderabad and I try to understand everything he says, but it’s difficult because he has a very heavy accent. I wanted to go to lunch and do a small tour of Hyderabad before working tomorrow.

photo 1I went to a lake area and had lunch by the water. The lake is a manmade lake. The restaurant was okay. After lunch we drove around the lake. We were going to see a temple, but then Ashok asked if I ate non vegetarian or vegetarian at lunch. I had eaten chicken biryani, non veg (it was okay – nothing to write home about, so I won’t). He said better to go when you have eaten only vegetarian before visiting, you can eat anything after, so we didn’t see the temple. He thought he offended me by saying that we shouldn’t go to the temple because of something I ate, but I get it.

On the way home, we stopped by the mall so I could pick up gifts for the people I’ll be meeting over the next few days. I got dropped off back at the hotel, and then had a nice work out. I’ve been lazy with my work outs over the past month, so it’s nice to have time and facilities to get back in to it. photo 2Afterwards I had a nice shower and a great chat with Lev, and then went downstairs for dinner. I had the vegetarian platter, which was excellent. It included small portions of paneer in a spicy tomato sauce, vegetables in a spinach sauce, and some daal – lentils. It was very delicious but already I am beginning belly issues and have been here for not even 24 hours. Great.

Tomorrow I look forward to an early start and a meeting — hopefully two meetings!

Love, Annie


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