Great Trini Tuesday

February 25, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was an excellent day. I woke up early to enjoy breakfast before my first meeting, which was easy because the meeting took place at my hotel. IMG_1308They have nice oatmeal at the hotel breakfast. After the meeting, I went with a new driver Dominic, who turned out to be awesome, to other stores and meetings. His car is with the driver on the left, which is uncommon for Trinidad.

For lunch, we stopped for roti. I offered to buy Dominic lunch as long as we went to the best roti shop around, so that’s what we did. Roti is something you are supposed to try in Trinidad. We went to a really simple looking place called Hott Shop. IMG_1295It’s more of a take out place so Dominic gave me instructions for what to ask for. I repeated the order and he said that I sounded very “Trini” ha! I came out with a heavy bag filled with two boneless chicken (tastes like chicken curry) roti “wraps.”  We got some drinks and then pulled over and ate lunch together in the car. It was so nice.

The roti was heavy, but delicious. Very starchy… I’m glad I tasted it but I’m not sure i’ll eat it again tomorrow. It filled me for a while. IMG_1320After working for a while longer, we went back to the hotel and then I had a nice work out and then a snack while I did more work.

Then I headed out to some pan band practices. During Carnival, which is next week, they have steel drum band competitions. It’s serious business.  Some of the bands are sponsored by companies and can get up to 150 people in one band! I went to a few different practices but my favorite was the Desperadoes. IMG_1322They practiced in a big open area and around the practice site were food stalls and a bar. It was so nice to go and hang out. I went there first, went to a few others, and then back to this one. The music was so awesome and and it was free. It’s the kind of music that just makes you feel great and smile and dance a little. All kinds of people go to these practices that run from about 8 to 2 (I was told) during the week before carnival.

I was hungry so I got a whole (small) fish that was roasted by two ladies in one of the stalls. I put some pepper pickle stuff on it because that’s what you do – I asked for the food that they would most want to eat from their stall. I ate the cheeks first and washed it down with Carib beer. Delicious.

Now I’m back at the hotel. IMG_1316There’s a party at the hotel but it costs 600 TTD, almost 100 USD to get in. I spoke to the server at the hotel restaurant about it when I went down there to check out the party from a different angle. He said that it’s definitely worth it if you are a “premium drinker” as drinks and food are included in this price. I’m going to go have a look at the party in a bit as it’s supposed to pick up in an hour or so.

Tomorrow, a meeting at 8:30 AM and then I’ll finish my work. Hopefully I’ll have time to hang out for a little before packing up! I may even go back to the pan practice again – it was that awesome. I hope you are having a nice week.

Love, Anne

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