Hello Trinidad!

February 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are well. My first impression of Trinidad hasn’t been great, but I’m optimistic. Last night, it took about an hour and a half to get through immigration and customs as there were several hundred people in line. IMG_1245Fortunately, I passed the time talking with a woman from Australia and nice girl from NZ in med school going to work in Tobago for six weeks before she goes to Cusco, Peru to work for another six weeks. Not bad.

I got to the hotel and there’s a stadium next to the hotel and it was blasting music so loudly. It’s a pre carnival concert. I felt the music in my bones and heart. Even inside the room. IMG_1242They moved me to a better room but I could still feel it. The music went on until 4 or 5 AM. I had to move to a different room for tonight. I hear there will be another concert tomorrow, so I’m going to move hotels. I already went and asked about the rates at the other hotel, and if they give me a corporate rate, it will be all set.

Today, I slept a bit later and then headed to Maracas Beach. I shared a taxi from the hotel with a guy from Australia who also wanted to go to the beach so it was a bit cheaper. IMG_1248We stopped at a lookout where there were some stands selling snacks, and i bought some mangos with salt, pepper, cilantro in a bag. They were great. I love mangos with sauce. I forget where, but they sell them with chili sauce in other places.

The beach was crowded and rainy and I played candy crush and then read when my candy crush lives were out. For lunch, I had a shark sandwich from Richard’s Bake & Shark, which is apparently pretty famous. It was excellent. IMG_1256The line to get the sandwich was long and i bumped into the couple I sat next to on the plane the night before. We went back around 4 and I sampled the gym but it was so disgusting and sweaty so I went back upstairs and then got dressed and scoped out other hotels. The official hotel taxi costs 12 USD for every location you go, plus 12 USD / Hour. I bargained with the driver and got it down to 25 dollars (would have been 36… jeez) for dinner I ate soup and salad at the hotel bar.

I sat next to a lady who is living here for a few months and works for the US government. She’s also stuck at candy crush and seemed pretty annoyed be having to be here. I’m not sure what she did, but she said that she doesn’t work for the State Department.

Tomorrow, work!

Love, Annie



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