Adios New Zealand… Hola República Dominicana!

February 17, 2014

Hola Family and Friends,

I’m writing to you from my hotel in Dominican Republic. It’s nice! I left New Zealand last Tuesday and it was a long trip home. IMG_1172I stopped in Tahiti and then got delayed in Los Angeles. After a few days home, I’m back out on survey again, starting here in Santo Domingo and then next week in Port of Spain, Trinidad. I have this second part of the survey because the first part was short, only three weeks.

So far, DR is great. After arriving at 4:00 AM, I slept until noon and then had a pretty productive day. Lev’s here for a few days and he came to work with me today. IMG_1176It was very cool of him to spend over three hours in the crappy supermarket with me collecting prices…  I think he’ll do his own thing tomorrow.

After work, we walked around the old colonial town and had drinks and then dinner at a French restaurant. It’s really nice to have company again. I’m  looking forward to a productive day of work tomorrow! Love, Annie


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