Sunny Sunday

February 9, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a nice day off. I went to the nearby cafe again and had an omelet for breakfast with bacon, spinach, feta, and tomatoes in it. IMG_1127Then I rented a bike and headed the other way down the coastal path. I biked past some cows, as you can see here. There were horses a little further down. Outside of the city, there is mostly farmland. I forgot to mention  the other day that the tiny airport also smells like a farm.

IMG_1139I was only able to ride until 2 pm because that’s when the bike store closed, so I brought back the bike in time and then headed to the beach. The beach was pretty fun, I walked for a long time.  The sand is black and I keep thinking it looks really dirty even though it’s just a darker color.


I was able to get a nice view of Mt. Taranaki today. This mountain is a huge volcano that dominates the landscape. It’s hard to see how huge it is in the picture. That bridge is pretty cool too. It’s possible to climb Mt. Taranaki but I’d need someone to do it with and probably more training.

For dinner, I went back to the South Indian restaurant and got the Dosa. I went early to the restaurant because I did not have lunch. It was very delicious. Tomorrow is my last full day! I hope you have a nice Sunday.

Love, Annie


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