Adios Auckland

February 6, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a nice week. I’m pretty sad it’s my last night in Auckland, it’s been really nice here. The hotel, the company, and the city itself have been excellent. IMG_1050I had a day off today for Waitangi Day, a public holiday here in New Zealand. It was an excellent day. In the morning, Ari and her boyfriend Gary picked me up at the hotel and we drove off to Muriwai beach! The beach is famous for its gannet colonies. Gannet is a kind of bird. The beach was beautiful and it was exciting to go to a beach with black sand, as I have never experienced that before. IMG_1091We walked around on the rocks and saw a gannet colony that smelled really bad. The rocks are all volcanic rock and it was easy to see that they were made by lava. The weather was not fantastic (it was spots of sunlight) so we did not go in the water. I walked into the water and a wave came and my pants got wet to halfway up my shins.

After the beach, we headed to a park where there are a lot of sheep. It is New Zealand, after all. IMG_1098I got to get kind of close to some sheep before they ran away from me. After the sheep, we went to the top of the park to get a good view of the city. At that point, we were all very hungry so we headed to lunch. We ate at a really cool Malaysian restaurant. The food was very authentic and I thought of my colleague Adam who is there this survey. I thought the curry laksa was especially delicious. IMG_1104I don’t think Ari or Gary has ever had Malaysian food before.

After lunch, I got dropped off at my hotel and swam for a bit before enjoying a spa treatment that my parents and Bubbie got me for my birthday 🙂 Thanks, it was fantastic. At the end, they let you relax with some fruit and juice and for my birthday they also gave me sparkling wine and chocolates. I saved the chocolates.

i'm still alive!

I did a little packing and then Ari came over and we got to give hugs and say goodbye. I’m going to miss her but trust that I’ll see her soon. Now I have just finished my dinner of wanton soup and rocket (baby arugula) salad. My flight to New Plymouth is at 9:00 tomorrow! While I’m sad to leave, I’m always excited to move on. New Plymouth is my last location on this leg of the survey and of course it is always very exciting to go home.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Adios Auckland”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Glad you enjoyed spa treatment. Nice photo of Ari and Gary
    Good photo of you and the sheep once you zoom in. Why do you have your hands covered or is that your shirt? Have a good flight to New Plymouth and enjoy it knowing you will soon be home. We have had so much more snow but probably there will be good skiing when your home. Love you 🏂🏂🏂

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