Hello Perth!

January 25, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are having a nice weekend. It’s 1 AM on Sydney time, and I’m exhausted. I woke up at 5:15 this morning to get the flight. Before the flight got to talk to my dad who has started his recovery. ūüôā The flight went well. I read the whole time. I’m still reading Americanah by¬†Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it’s so good. I read another of her books, Half of a Yellow Sun, during my most recent Africa survey in August, and loved it as well.

The hotel is not as good as I expected. That’s one thing that can really mess you up while traveling, at least for me – having¬†expectations that are not met. IMG_0791I try to not have expectations for things I really know nothing about, but sometimes I slip up. I worked all afternoon, taking a break at a Korean restaurant for lunch to get one of my favorite foods, bibimbap. It was fine, but the place we go to with my Bubbie, Misono in Brookline, MA, is better.

After working I took a walk down the Riverside drive near the water. It was¬†somewhat¬†obstructed due to¬†construction¬†… there is so much construction going on here. The walk was beautiful. After that walk and a short work out, I headed for dinner. I passed Chinatown and some good (standard) looking dim sum places. IMG_0796I kind of want to eat dim sum tomorrow but may not because that might be pretty depressing to have it by yourself.¬†I went to a trendy Japanese restaurant where they definitely forgot one of my dishes so I was waiting a while. It occured to me that sitting alone in a restaurant like this one is pretty odd. It’s more obvious that you’re alone when everyone is speaking the language you can understand.

I got back to my room and heard “party rockers” (the song) really loud coming from the room next to me. There were some loud guys next door that were clearly here to party. I asked to switch rooms so now I’m in a different room but it’s next to the elevator, they said that’s the only one¬†they¬†have that still honors the upgrade I was given upon check in. I don’t care (it’s just minimally annoying) because it’s better to hear the elevator than to hear loud guys. I was pretty nervous, uncomfortable even, about what I might have heard later on in the evening.

I’m so lucky to be doing what I do that it seems unreasonable to be upset or in a sad mood like I am now. But I sometimes get stressed and homesick, and I don’t want to share any sad thoughts or cry to the people I love the most because I don’t want to worry them. I think tomorrow will be a better day, it’s a Sunday so a day off. Also, it’s Australia day.



2 Responses to “Hello Perth!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    What is Australia Day? If you have time off maybe you should join a tourist group and see the best of Perth and maybe meet other Americans. I know it seems so like the touristy thing to do but it might be fun. Gosh, I think your so lucky with this trip and I wish I were there in reality but I will have to settle for virtually so keep on blogging. Perth looks pretty. Doesn’t Australia have a gastronomical culture? IAll the food you speak of is Asian. Can you get bagels there yet? Love you

  2. Ronna Says:

    Hi Honey— thinking of you! Miss you and know tomorrow (is that Monday here?) will be a better than today (which is tomorrow for you!)

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