See ya, Sydney!

January 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are well. My last day in Sydney was very nice. Sydney is one of the most pleasant (and most expensive) places I’ve ever surveyed! I’m feeling very lucky to have come here for work and not on my own expense. Today I worked in the morning, stopped for a sushi lunch, and finished work around 2:00 p.m.

IMG_0769For my half day free, I took the bus to Bondi beach. It was an interesting ride and didn’t take very long. The beach was really wide open and only crowded in some spaces. I walked around on the beach  and got the bottom of my jeans wet and then went in to some shops. I bought a bathing suit because I had forgotten to bring mine.

I talked with the women working at the store, they were really nice. IMG_0771They must have noticed that I was surprised at how nice and helpful they were being and we discussed how many people who work in retail around Sydney, especially in the rich areas, tend to ignore you and come off really mean. This has certainly been my experience. IMG_0778My job requires going in to a lot of stores, so I think I’m an expert, and I’ve noticed that people here have been way more unhelpful in stores around Sydney than in stores in any other city I can remember.

After that, I did the coastal walk from Bondi beach to Bronte beach. It was an excellent experience. The pictures so far are from Bondi beach and the coastal walk. This next one is inside the Queen Victoria Building. The walk was

IMG_0748so beautiful and just the right length, taking about a half hour to forty five minutes. It wasn’t too sunny so it didn’t get uncomfortably hot. To get back, I took the bus back to Bondi Junction train stop, and took the train back to Town Hall station, right near the hotel.

I had an earlier dinner at Chef’s Gallery Chinese fusion food again because there were more things on the menu I wanted to try. IMG_0781I didn’t have to wait in line because it was only around six. It was delicious. After dinner I did some more walking around and spent a while in a Japanese bookstore with cool pens and pen cases, and then packed up. Tomorrow morning I head to Perth. This trip will be similar in length to the trip from Boston to California, a three hour time difference!

Perth is in the same time zone as Hong Kong so it’s a little easier to figure out, 13 hours ahead. Sydney is 16, and Port Moresby is 15. Auckland is 18. I hadn’t written that out before so maybe it will be helpful for my family. See you from the other side of Australia!



One Response to “See ya, Sydney!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    Thanks for the blog and trying to straighten out the time zones. Wishing you a good flight, and looking forward to your blogs from Perth. Love you

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