Thirsty Thursdy in Sydney

January 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,


I hope you are well. Today was another great day. It’s hard to believe that this is only the second full day in Sydney. Back at home, my dad is getting surgery in a few hours on his shoulder, so please as you read this send him some good luck vibes for a successful procedure and speedy recovery!!!!

I had meetings in the morning and afternoon and worked in between the meetings.

IMG_0675The first meeting was in a suburb of Sydney and I took the metro there. It was expensive but easy to use and very clean. The second meeting was in a different suburb of Sydney called Double Bay. After the meetings, I had a mani pedi at a very reasonable shop, then worked out.


In the evening, I walked around Circular Quay, the area with the opera house. I went IN the opera house! For dinner, I went back to the Rocks area to a very fancy Japanese restaurant where one roll of maki costs 20 dollars. I had a delicious cocktail there with gin, jalepeño, and cucumber. Pictured are the “sashimi tacos” that were paired with sake.

Right now, I’m cold and really excited to get in to bed. I have just a bit more to finish tomorrow and then will probably have time to do something relaxing.

Love, Annie


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