Working Around Sydney

January 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are having a nice week. Today was pleasant and productive. In the morning, I had a meeting over coffee. The woman I met with made it so easy – she picked me up at my hotel!


While waiting for her, I had a nice chat with the doorman/ suitcase grabber of the hotel who told me all about picking up girls in Sydney and in Perth. He let me know that there are plenty of cute girls in Sydney but even more cute girls in Perth. After the meeting, I did a lot of price collecting in a few department stores, some hotels, and a grocery store. I stopped for lunch a Japanese restaurant and had ramen and sushi.

In the afternoon, I worked from my hotel and then for dinner ate at Chef’s Gallery, a cool restaurant that serves contemporary chinese food. IMG_0671In the picture, you can see Peking Duck Roti, one of the specialties. While those were fantastic, I thought some of the other food was only okay. I got some lightly dressed cucumbers as an appetizer (they have that on a lot of menus and I needed some veggies) but they weren’t nearly as good as the ones Lev’s dad made just the other day. Now I am excited to catch up on shows and then go to sleep.

So far, here are some impressions of Sydney so far:

IMG_0660It’s extremely expensive here, especially for food in restaurants. My really basic lunch today at a not fancy restaurant was 26 dollars. I ate four pieces of sushi, a bowl of regular ramen, and a can of unsweetened green tea.

-The city is pretty clean and the downtown district is very walkable.

-The white Australians I’ve spoken with all seem to have a problem with the number of Chinese people living here, and blame them for the high real estate prices.

-It’s not as hot as I expected, and in the nights you need a light jacket.

-Most of the people walking around are in excellent shape!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Working Around Sydney”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    So good to hear from you, and am happy it’s not that hot out. Is Sydney pretty ? The pictures you have sent so far makes it looks like a frontier town. What’s the hotel like? Is there a nice gym? I hope to get the hours down so I can figure out a good time to call. Love you and want you to know you are missing some very cold, icy nasty weather.

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