Day Off in Ankara!

November 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was a pretty normal work day. Not too much to write about. I went to two malls and got a lot of work done. I did have time for some shopping too. 20131124_111544In the evening, I experienced horrible service at the hotel restaurant. The staff was rude and unwelcoming when I wanted to sit down and work a bit and then order some food. Maybe because it is Saturday night? I’m not sure. Tonight, the service at the same restaurant was so much better.

Today was a pretty nice day off in Ankara. I woke up naturally at 9:00 am and after breakfast headed to Ankara Castle. 20131124_135912There were fantastic views there. I met some students from all over the place who were taking the weekend in Ankara from their study abroad time in Istanbul. We took each others’ pictures. I wandered around the castle and the surrounding area for a while.

After that, I walked through a nearby shopping area where I met a lady from Seattle and then headed to Anıtkabir, the Ataturk Mausoleum. It was an interesting area with a major museum with a lot to learn. 20131124_135025There were many different exhibits on WW1 and the Turkish War of Independence and the subsequent reforms. I got to see all sorts of Ataturk’s belongings like a shaving kit, and swords. Outside of the museum, I particularly liked the statues of the large people. In the picture you can see the Turkish Scholar, the Farmer, and the Soldier.

After that, I decided to check out the Sengul Hammam, but it did not seem very relaxing (it was very crowded, and small … pretty gross. 20131124_123727I wonder if I was in the right place because this place got great reviews) so I left. After that, i went back to the Armada mall to have lunch because I hadn’t eaten yet and was very hungry. Then I walked around and digested, and then had a work out and hung out at the hotel. For dinner, I had a kebab dish, and ordered the traditional Turkish desert sampler.

There were four things on it. 1. A syrupy thing like a tiny little donut made of sugar syrup and starch (my least favorite) 2. a shot glass of rice pudding, 20131124_1137303. a pieve of baklava, and 4. some “cream” which was seemed like buttery tasting cream cheese. Turkish desserts get an A+.

This time tomorrow night, I’ll be trying to fit everything in my suitcase / figuring out how I’m going to get everything home. I have way more stuff than I started with.

It’s been over five weeks, and while Turkey is so awesome (probably one of my favorite countries ever) it’s certainly time to get home. Just one more day of work to go! I hope you had a really nice weekend.

Love, Annie


One Response to “Day Off in Ankara!”

  1. Marlene clayton Says:

    and am so anxious to have you near by. Try rolling your clothes in case you don’t do that already as you can make tight rolls and the things don’t get wrinkled and you can store more. If you already have done that, good luck or maybe wear more things or give some old things away. Love you

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