Ankara Awesome

November 22, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was my first full day in Ankara, and spent the whole day working but only after enjoying the breakfast that was included in my hotel room upgrade. I haven’t had filter coffee in weeks! I had a great meeting in the afternoon with our hilarious contact at a local relocation agency. 20131122_141202After the work day was over, I worked out and the fitness centre is not too bad! For dinner, I ate at the hotel restaurant which is actually quite good. It’s an Italian restaurant but I don’t really care. I’ve had my fill of turkish food and will continue to eat it at lunch. I like the atmosphere in the hotel restaurant. There’s an enormous granite high-top table I can sit at and work and eat. I prefer high top tables and this one is really exceptional.

The funnies thing that happened today was when I went into a small store to buy face cream because mine ran out. 20131122_143406I was were discussing eye cream with the girl at the store and she kept telling me I should buy the eyes cream and it sounded like she was selling me ice cream! I kept laughing so after I made my purchase I gave the three ladies in the store an impromptu English lesson. I drew an ice cream and told her I thought at first she was trying to sell me a tasty treat, and that in English “eye cream” is how you say it, not “eyes cream.”

It actually makes more sense the way the Turkish girl was  saying it because you put the cream around both your eyes, not just one of them. 20131122_141142I had to explain that this is the way we say it, even though it makes no sense. Oh well! They were really happy to know this and we had some laughs.

So far, Ankara seems really pleasant. There is a lot of construction going on and it is so much less hectic than Istanbul. I sat in traffic for a bit during a drizzly rush hour but of course that would happen. Tomorrow: another day of work! I saved the good malls for tomorrow because I might do a little shopping too! It’s easiest to do shopping during the last location, and there are some stores here that can’t be found in the U.S.!! Hooray!

Love, Annie


One Response to “Ankara Awesome”

  1. Ronna Says:

    Funny! Eye scream, you scream, we all scream for eyes cream.

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