Working in Diyarbakir

November 19, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well. Today was a productive day in Diyarbakir. 20131119_155245This city is interesting because the culture is very different from the culture in Istanbul. It’s very clear I’m in Kurdistan. I slept a little later (nine-ish) and then headed to the mall. The mall was a pretty standard mall, not upscale, but it was clean and had a variety of well known stores. 20131119_155328After working there, I had a meeting, and then went to a hotel in the older part of town. The city wall that surrounds the old part of town is incredible. It was built in  seems that they were, according to wikipedia, Restored in 349. Yikes! Diyarbakir is without a doubt one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been.


You can see the wall in the second picture. That’s one of the few places where there is a break in the wall. It’s mostly still intact! In the third picture you can see a bit of more modern Diyarbakir, this is the view from the terrace of the food court in the mall.

Overall, the city is not touristy at all.20131119_154734 No one asks “why are you here?” and with my lightish hair, I definitely stick out. After collecting prices from the hotel, I walked around a bit of the old city. Then I went back to the hotel and worked out. At dinner at the hotel, I found a little worm in my salad. it was one of those small green curly ones, but still, gross. I flicked it away.

Tomorrow, more work. Love, Annie


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