Istanbul Awesome!

November 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Today and yesterday were great days in Istanbul. Yesterday, I woke up early and was able to finish my work 99 percent. I have to go to just one more clothing store tomorrow. 20131116_125403After a late meeting, my mom and I decided to head to the Hammam, the Turkish Bath. You’re really not supposed to miss it. The bath house was really cool and historic, and it was another naked scrubbing experience. But this time with mom! It was okay though. The room was big enough we were on opposite sides, and since she’s basically blind without contacts or glasses, and I kept my eyes so shut so hard you wouldn’t believe, there was no chance of seeing each other. 20131116_095424After the bath, we headed to the Galata tower area to a funky neighborhood where we went to a fish restaurant that was featured my moms foodie Istanbul book. We got a wrap and a whole sea bass and sea bream. Very healthy!

Today we also woke up early for a very tourey day. We started at the blue mosque, and then after some fresh pomegranate juice, went to Hagia Sofia. We learned a little about both places because there were English tours all around as we walked by! I couldn’t believe how many people were at this historic peninsula but after thinking about how much of a tourist destination Istanbul is, I believed it.


The lines were outrageous so it was good we got there early and kind of beat them. After the Hagia Sofia we went to the Cistern, which was really unexpectedly cool, an underground water reserve with some enormous Medusa’s heads as the bases of two columns. The picture is not upside down… one of the heads is upside down and the other is on its side. Apparently this was done on purpose. The lighting in the cistern was supurb with lights going up all the columns but my camera didn’t show that very well. Below the walkway is water with a bunch of fish!

20131116_155114After that, a break for lunch at a really great Turkish restaurant. We had mixed kebab and some delicious lentil soup. After lunch, we headed to a fancier bazaar right near where the restaurant and mosque are located and shopped around for a bit. I got some gifts for friends at the Hammam store so we can all be super smooth. After that, the Topkapi palace which was huge and awesome. It was pretty cold after walking around for so long though and seeing all the views. Unfortunately, the Harem building was closed. Outside of the Topkapi Palace, we tried a warm milky drink with cinnamon called Salep. Delicious.

We went from the palace to the grand bazaar again so my mom could get some of these cool shoes for some friends that requested some, and then made the trek back to the hotel. Looking forward to a nice day tomorrow as well!

Love, Annie

3 Responses to “Istanbul Awesome!”

  1. Bubbie marlene Says:

    Sounds like a great day. How is mom ever going to bring all those shoes home and will there be a tax on them? Istanbul seems like a great place to tour. Do you ask if someone will take a picture of the 2 of you? Never got an answer from Mom if she needs ride back from airport Monday. She also never sent her flight info to me. Love you both

  2. Siobhan Says:

    Hi Anne,
    Love that you are getting to travel with your Mother!

    Thought of you when I read this New York Times article:

    November 10, 2013
    Big Data’s Little Brother
    SAN FRANCISCO — David Soloff is recruiting an army of “hyperdata” collectors.

    The company he co-founded, Premise, created a smartphone application that is now used by 700 people in 25 developing countries. Using guidance from Mr. Soloff and his co-workers, these people, mostly college students and homemakers, photograph food and goods in public markets.

    By analyzing the photos of prices and the placement of everyday items like piles of tomatoes and bottles of shampoo and matching that to other data, Premise is building a real-time inflation index to sell to companies and Wall Street traders, who are hungry for insightful data…


    • annesandwich Says:

      Hi Siobhan,

      Thanks for the comment (and for reading and thinking of me!!!). It was so awesome to travel with my mom. We actually had a discussion about bumping into people we knew all around the world, and I told her the story about the flight to Chiang Mai. I’ve never had a visitor before on survey and it was such a special week. I miss her now that she flew home! Thanks for the article! Hope you are well.

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