Goodbye Georgia!

November 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are having a good start to the week. Today was my last day in Georgia! I finished my work, and went for a walk. 20131111_142632I liked it here o.k. and am excited to keep moving (as always). Tomorrow I get to see my mom in Istanbul! What a treat. I imagine she’ll arrive around 5 PM at the hotel and we can get a tasty dinner before passing out.  I’m praying that the hotel room is big enough!

The best thing that happened today was at the Toyota service center. I was asking one of the employees about the rate for labour, and he couldn’t figure out what I meant. 20131111_134445So I tried to explain to him it’s the cost isn’t any of the supplies, I’m just trying to find out the rate for the work done by the humans. He finally seems to get it and says “oh, the rate for Hand Job?” Yes. No wonder this service center is so popular. Well that made my day. I’m not sure what those little shofars are without holes, but they are sold everywhere in all the souvenir shops. See you next from Turkey!

Love, Annie


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