Georgia: A Cheesy Introduction

November 7, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I made it to Tbilisi, Georgia! Not atlanta, but you probably weren’t thinking that anyway. I have high expectations for my blog readers 🙂 Yesterday my flight got in around 7. 20131107_132007I took a taxi to the hotel and overpaid but not by too much. The driver was young ish. He told me he was a Georgian soldier, and that he had fought in Baghdad in 2004 along with the American soldiers! He barely spoke any english, but said “oh Shit!” a number of times during the short ride. Don’t worry, we weren’t in trouble (although some drivers here seem to be a little crazy), we just kept hitting a lot of traffic. There are some intersections here Desperately in need of a traffic light.


The hotel is nicer than expected and for dinner last night I had caprese salad with enormous capers and Georgian mozzarella. cheese has been a part of every meal so far. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast, so I had an early lunch, pictured above. It’s called khachapuri, a (THE) Georgian traditional food. I think one khachapuri will be enough for the week. The bread was so fresh. The cheese was so salty. The extra pads of butter? Also delicious.

The water pictured is Borjomi, one of the main brands of Georgian sparkling waters. It’s mineral water, so it tastes salty and in my opinion a little weird. 20131107_142634I learned by trial and error today that Spring water doesn’t taste salty, but mineral water does. I’m trying to find a sparkling Spring water but I haven’t found one yet. I’ve had no luck getting anyone to understand my dilemma. Today I just worked. Then I had a nice work out.

For dinner I had salad and a hot dog. I usually don’t eat hot dogs but for some reason I ordered it. Was not disappointed. It was smothered in Cheese sauce of course. 20131106_121907I also had a glass of Georgian wine this evening. Georgian wine is a big deal. They gave my colleague a bottle when she got her passport stamped at the airport last year, but I did not have that same experience. I did get to try the Georgian wine at a supermarket, though. I was working and a lady came up and said, want to try some Georgian wine? Excellent!

Looking forward to some good meetings tomorrow. The last picture is from Baku. I did not eat at that restaurant. HA! I spoke to my mom for a while last night and am getting so excited to see her in Istanbul.

Love, Annie


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